Accepted papers

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968 Alfinelli Erica Network topology and beam-induced motion in silica and sodium-silicate glasses 8
147 Altieri Ada One-step and two-step yielding transitions: from hard-spheres glasses to mean-field models of attractive particles 8
132 Alvarez Laura Reconfigurable thermo-responsive active particles 9
734 Amon Alfred Local order in liquid and supercooled gallium alloys 1
519 Anyfantakis Manos Stimuli-responsive photonic liquid marbles 3
462 Anzini Pietro The origin of particle transport by thermal gradients 7
119 Avni Yael Charge oscillations in ionic liquids: A microscopic cluster model 1
443 Bachler Johannes First-order liquid–liquid transition or nanoscale phase segregation in ideal aqueous solutions? 2
799 Begam Nafisa Kinetics of network formation and heterogeneous dynamics of an egg-white gel revealed by coherent X-ray scattering 4
211 Boattini Emanuele Classifying local structures in colloidal systems using unsupervised machine learning 5
682 Bonhomme Oriane Controlling foam stability with thermally-enhanced electroosmosis 6
245 Boon Willem Coupling dissolution, charge and flow: flow dependent surface charge and nanovortices 7
945 Bou Tannous Layla Interfacial structure of ionic liquids for high performance field effect transistors: a combined AFM and XPS study 1
200 Bremond Nicolas Liquid motion in multiphase systems induced by osmosis 6
600 Buttersack Tillmann Alkali metal-ammonia solutions characterized by photoelectron spectroscopy 1
269 Camerin Fabrizio Microgels at liquid-liquid interfaces behave as 2D elastic particles featuring reentrant melting 6
700 Cohen Céline Individual and collective swimming of P. parasitica zoospores 9
14 Coluzza Ivan Identification of protein functional regions 4
554 Di Lecce Silvia Dependence of electrotunable lubrication on the molecular structure of ionic liquid nanofilms 1
863 Dijkstra Marjolein Under the Smectic Blanket: Exotic biaxial, twist-bend, and splay-bend nematic phases of colloidal banana-shaped particles 3
830 Doye Jonathan Programming patchy colloids to form icosahedral quasicrystals 5
596 Edera Paolo Shear-induced diffusion as microscopic signature of plasticity in simple yield stress fluids 8
844 Fernandez-Rico Carla Shaping colloidal bananas to reveal splay-bend nematic and smectic phases 5
66 Fernandez-Rodriguez Miguel Angel Self-templating assembly of microgels into complex tessellations 5
651 Fodor Etienne Thermodynamic cycles with active matter 9
94 Frenkel Daan The double impact of Onsager on colloid science. 5
48 Gao Yongxiang Self-organization of colloidal rotors 9
848 Giunta Giuliana Structure and dynamics of entangled polymer melts in contact with heterogeneous surfaces 4
196 Grelet Eric Topological Defects in Colloidal Self-Assembly: Visualization, Dynamics and Role in Chirality Amplification 3
970 Grzelka Marion Peeling of pressure-sensitive adhesives: from flow to fracture 4
874 Guardia Elvira On pressure-induced structural transitions in supercritical water 2
314 Hajizadeh Ellie Polymer migration in confined fluids 7
523 Harries Daniel The impact of water on the nanostructure of deep eutectic solvents with implications to macromolecular solvation 2
822 Hartl Benedikt On the possible emergence of quasi-crystalline structures in a Wigner bilayer system 5
51 Hayler Hannah Underscreening in Concentrated Electrolytes 1
145 Hermann Sophie Non-negative interfacial tension in phase-separated active Brownian Particles 9
812 Hilaire Lolita Molecular Modeling for a Predictive Theory of Liquid-Liquid Coalescence 6
129 Hribar Boštjančič Patricija Phase diagram of colloidal suspensions of magnetic nanoplatelets 3
775 Charlton Sam Dynamics of Comamonas denitrificans aggregation: formation of a living bacterial gel 8
363 Chiba Ayano Selective absorption of longer alkane from alkane mixtures into a crystalline polyolefin as-cast film 7
261 Chubak Iurii Glass transitions in melts of partially active ring polymers 9
394 Ignés-Mullol Jordi Active nematics in microfluidic confinement 9
823 Joly Laurent Optimizing liquid-solid slip in nanofluidic systems 7
435 Kanduc Matej Molecular partitioning in dense hydrogels 4
182 Kjellander Roland Dielectric response governs the multiple decay-modes for both oscillatory and monotonic interactions in electrolytes 1
877 Knowles Stuart F Current fluctuations in nanopores reveal the polymer-wall adsorption potential 7
593 Kos Ziga Microfluidic control over topological states in confined nematic flows 3
635 Košovan Peter Grand-reaction method for simulations of ionization equilibria in macromolecular systems coupled to ion partitioning 4
901 Kwapiszewska Karina Practical implications of quantification of cytoplasmic hydrodynamic drag at the nanoscale 10
755 Leocmach Mathieu Active glass & polycrystal: ergodicity breaking dramatically affects response to self-propulsion 8
643 Levis Demian Fluctuation-dissipation relations for active matter 9
406 Lian Cheng Charging dynamics of electrolytes in porous electrodes 1
12 Löwen Hartmut Inertial effects in active matter 9
450 M. Conde Maria Spontaneous doping of ice Ih, Ic, III, V and VI from aqueous salty solutions 2
531 Maciolek Anna Current-mediated synchronization of a pair of beating non-identical flagella 9
924 Mahault Benoît Magnetic Microswimmers Exhibit Bose-Einstein-like Condensation 9
306 Mambretti Francesco Crystal growth rates in supercooled atomic liquid mixtures 8
926 Marbach Sophie The Nanoscale Caterpillar: or how to achieve precise motion with random sticky feet? 5
784 Massana-Cid Helena Guiding bacteria with dynamic light patterns 9
813 Mathijssen Arnold JTM Mucociliary clearance and non-equilibrium transport by active carpets 10
190 Mauleon-Amieva Abraham Rolling Colloids: Self-propulsion, Attraction and Collective Behaviour 9
422 Meijer Janne-Mieke In-situ characterization of switchable photonic crystals 5
276 Mistura Giampaolo Passive and active control of drop motion on functionalized surfaces 7
326 Mondal Manodeep Colloidal heteroepitaxy: Realizing hierarchically ordered structures through strain engineering 5
664 Nerukh Dmitry All-atom structure and dynamics of entire virus with genome in solution at physiological conditions 4
50 Ni Ran Non-Equilibrium Strongly Hyperuniform Fluids with Large Local Density Fluctuations - Towards Perfect Photonic Fluids 9
791 Nieto-Draghi Carlos Impact of organic templates on the selective formation of zeolite oligomers 4
750 Noirez Laurence Evidence of Strain-Induced Violation of Thermodynamic laws in mesoscale Liquids 7
670 Pakarinen Olli H. Effect of water confinement on heterogeneous ice nucleation 2
395 Pal Antara Anisotropic Dynamics and Kinetic Arrest of Dense Colloidal Ellipsoids in the Presence of an External Field Studied by Differential Dynamic Microscopy 8
759 Pezzotti Simone An isolated water droplet in the aqueous solution of a supramolecular tetrahedral cage 7
625 Picard Cyril Dynamical wetting in hydrophobic nanopores down to angstrom scale 7
718 Polin Marco Spontaneous demixing of mixed active-passive suspensions 9
724 Rene Espinosa Jorge Liquid network connectivity regulates the stability and composition of biomolecular condensates with many components 10
922 Robin Paul Building a theoretical prototype of a Hodgkin-Huxley neuron using 2D nanofluidic memristors 7
11 Russina Margarita Finding order in disorder – observation of crystal like water in hydrophobic low dimensional nanoconfinement by neutron scattering spectroscopy 7
317 Sarmiento-Gomez Erick Anomalous diffusion and stochastic transitions of colloidal molecules in light fields 5
737 Scalliet Camille Microscopic origin of excess wings in the relaxation spectra of deeply supercooled liquids 8
629 Sciortino Francesco The liquid-liquid critical point of the most common classical water models 2
351 Secchi Eleonora The role of eDNA in the formation of biofilm streamers 10
679 Sega Marcello A thermodynamic consistent description of the intrinsic properties of fluid interfaces with an application to three-phase coexistence 6
707 Shahidzadeh Noushine Creeping of salts: a self-amplifying crystallization process 2
663 Shiba Hayato Local density fluctuation governs the divergence of viscosity underlying elastic and hydrodynamic anomalies in a 2D glass-forming liquid 8
891 Simmchen Juliane Interactions of charged colloidal surfaces with biological entities 5
207 Smrek Jan Active topological glass 8
518 Stetten Amy Zufall slide electrification: static charging of dynamic drops 6
547 Stones Adam Edward Solving the inverse problem: model-free measurement of the pair potential in colloidal fluids from particle coordinates 5
630 Straube Arthur Emergence of density-dependent directional locking in colloidal monolayers on a periodic substrate 5
374 Swinkels Piet J.M. From Colloidal Molecules to Colloidal Materials 5
446 Takae Kyohei Role of hydrodynamics in liquid-liquid transition 2
392 Thalheim Tobias Excluded Volume Measurements on a Single Diffusing Polymer Chain in Solution 4
638 Thorneywork Alice Direct detection of molecular intermediates from first-passage times 5
86 Tierno Pietro Emergent colloidal currents generated via exchange dynamics in a broken dimer state 9
463 Truzzolillo Domenico The yielding transition of soft glasses 8
44 Tyagi Sidhanth Freezing emulsions and foams: Interactions between solidification fronts and soft objects 6
60 van 't Hag Leonie Studies on protein-lipid self-assembly materials for evolving biological, biomedical and food technology applications 3
104 Vatin Marin Multiscale modelling of a liquid/liquid demixing 2
762 Vega-Sánchez Christopher Boundary slip and drag reduction at lubricant-infused surfaces. 6
70 Verweij Joanne Network topology of colloidal gels under external fields 5
609 Vutukuri Hanumantha Rao Sculpting vesicles with active particles: Less is more 9
3 Winter Roland Pressure and Osmolyte Effects on Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation and Condensates of Proteins 10
176 Wittmann René Topological states of colloidal liquid crystals in complex confinement: density functional theory vs. experiment 3
415 Yanagishima Taiki Full single-particle characterisation of rotational dynamics in dense colloidal suspensions 5
194 Ziherl Primoz Metallic-mean hexagonal quasicrystals 5
858 Zoettl Andreas Transient bond formation in randomly crosslinked polymer networks 4
30 Lohse Detlef Competing Marangoni and Rayleigh convection in evaporating binary droplets 2
524 Manghi Manoel Transport of ions through hydrophobic nanopores 7
528 Grillo Fabio active colloids with position-dependent rotational diffusivity 9
540 Archer Andrew John The thermodynamic stability of soft matter quasicrystals 5
859 Sánchez-Puga Pablo Two-dimensional melting in untilted phases of fatty acid Langmuir monolayers: a thermo-rheological study 6
862 van der Meer Berend Uncovering the microscopic dynamics of colloidal grain boundaries 5
886 Bianchi Emanuela Heterogeneously charged colloids: a toolkit 5
972 Předota Milan Prediction of zeta-potential from molecular dynamics simulations of electroosmosis 7

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40 Ruscher Céline Residual stresses in athermally deformed amorphous solids: insight from atomistic simulations 8
159 Carbonaro Alessandro Effective interfacial tension in miscible molecular fluids 7
183 Braz Vasco Enhanced propagation of motile bacteria on surfaces due to forward scattering 9
210 Schnyder Simon Kaspar Cell migration and colony growth in a monolayer of model cells 9
217 Schlaich Alexander Effective Thomas-Fermi screening approach and wetting transition at charge/metal interfaces 7
233 Barrera Maria Cecilia a polarization-consistent model for alcohols to predict solvation free energies 2
250 Coplan Louis Does Separation of Membraneless Organelles Occur via Spinodal Decomposition Controlled by Protein Interconversion? 10
293 Piazza Roberto Thermophoresis of block copolymers: probing self-association by opto-thermal excitation 4
318 Royall C. Patrick Polydisperse Rods: from Non-Sticky Gels to Mean-field-like Behaviour 8
360 Shrivastav Gaurav Prakash Mixtures of liquid crystals and magnetic nanoparticles: hybrid materials with tunable flow properties 3
401 van Buel Reinier Controlling Elastic Turbulence 4
411 Gross Markus Dynamics and fluctuations of the critical Casimir force 7
424 Muntz Iain Interaction between Nearly Hard Colloidal Spheres at an Oil-Water Interface 6
461 Vanraes Patrick The multi-plasma model for equilibrium and non-equilibrium liquids 1
557 Alexandre Morin Entropy-driven assembly of colloidal tetrahedra 5
586 Kamal Mohammad Arif Targeting the cell pole: Membrane composition or curvature? 10
597 Cats Peter The Puzzling Decay Length in Concentrated Electrolytes 1
611 Frangipane Giacomo Swimming bacteria in complex artificial microenvironments 9
674 Kondrat Svyatoslav Charge me faster: How to accelerate charge-discharge of subnanometer pores? 1
708 Sharma Kamendra Bioactive Liquid Crystal Droplets: Synthesis and Applications 3
722 Pinto Diogo The cell adaptation time sets a minimum length scale for patterned substrates 10
731 Guyard Gabriel Near-surface rheology and hydrodynamic boundary condition of semi-dilute polymer solutions 4
764 Revignas Davide cDFT calculation of Frank elastic constants for non-convex particles 3
780 Pasquet Marina Generation of giant soap films 6
860 Ninarello Andrea Ultra-low-crosslinked auxetic polymer networks 4
888 Naga Abhinav How a water drop removes a particle from a hydrophobic surface 6
897 Chubak Iurii NMR relaxation rates of quadrupolar nuclei in aqueous solutions from classical molecular dynamics 1
917 Ranieri Umbertoluca Translational diffusion of methane molecules in the highly compressed fluid 2
937 Caporaletti Federico Experimental evidence of mosaic structure in strongly supercooled molecular liquids 8
938 Patinet Sylvain Relaxations in supercooled liquids: Connection between thermal excitations and local yield stress inherent states 8


1 Markarian Shiraz The Solutions of Diethylsulfoxide: Properties and Biomedical Applications
2 Afrasiabian Navid The Journey of a single polymer chain to a nanopore
4 Dhara Surajit Omnidirectional transport and navigation of Janus particles through a nematic liquid crystal film
5 Menzel Andreas Collective behaviour in active microswimmer suspensions ─ a particle-scale statistical description
6 Teixeira Paulo Ordering of oblate hard particles between hybrid penetrable walls
7 Tsanai Maria A coarse-grained molecular dynamics approach to aqueous polypeptide coacervates
8 Chaudhary Monika Anion Induced Cation Displacement Assay Using Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
13 Hernández-Zapata Ernesto Theoretical expression for the electrostatic contribution to the surface tension of a surfactant monolayer
15 Teixeira Paulo Patchy particles at a hard wall: orientation-dependent bonding
16 Coluzza Ivan Proteins are Solitary! Pathways of Protein Folding and Aggregation in Protein Mixtures
17 Ferreira Elisabete S. C. Computational study of mixtures of water-alcohol cosolvents and palmitic acid
18 van der Schoot Paul Dynamical response of nematic tactoids to an electric field
19 Keblinski Pawel Fundamentals of the Liquid Evaporation/Condensation Process via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
20 Liebetreu Maximilian Shear-induced orientation of ring clusters and ring-chain mixtures
21 Paoluzzi Matteo Low-frequencies excitations in structural glasses
22 Abaurrea-Velasco Clara probing glassy colloidal systems with active particles
23 Yoneya Makoto simulation of colloidal silver nanoparticle formation from a precursor complex
24 Martínez-Pedrero Fernando Transport of Confined Magnetic Microparticles on a Self-Assembled 2D Lattice through an Externally Monitored Potential
25 Nishio Kengo Docosahedral short-range order in the dense random packing of hard spheres
26 Santiago Ibon Strategies for motile cell-like compartments
28 Levin Yan Charge Regulation of Colloidal Particles
29 Enders Sabine Surface Tension of Spherical Bubbles in Binary Mixtures
31 Pieprzyk Sławomir A numerical analysis method for 2D liquid crystal textures
32 Fomin Yury Dispersion of acoustic excitations in tetrahedral liquids
33 Shumilin Ilan how sugars modify caffeine self-association and solubility: resolving a mechanism of selective hydrotropy
36 Khusnutdinoff Ramil Elastic Properties and Glass Forming Ability of the Zr-based metallic glasses
37 Netz Paulo Augusto Molecular dynamics simulations of structural and dynamical aspects of DNA hydration water
38 Tonti Luca macromolecular diffusion in crowded organised suspensions
39 Slepavicius Justinas Phase Behaviour of Triangular Trimers in Colloidal Suspensions
41 Kitaoka Satoshi Effective Phthalocyanine preparation in ionic liquids incorporating hydroxy group
43 Nobuoka Kaoru Design of Ionic Liquids as solvents for Materialization of Biopolymers
45 Anisimov Mikhail Effects of Protein Folding/Unfolding on Aggregation, Gelation, and Diffusion in Lysozyme Solutions
46 To Kiwing Discharge of elongated grains from cylindrical silo with rotating bottom
47 Castañeda-Priego Ramón Reversible cluster formation in colloidal dispersions
49 Ni Ran Linker-mediated self-assembly of mobile DNA coated colloids
52 Tan Zihan quasi-two-dimensional diffusion of interacting protein monomers and dimers: a mpc simulation study
53 Cruz Carolina Electrical Double Layers Close to Ionic Liquid-Solvent Demixing
54 Marc Pascual Phase separation of a confined ionic-liquid – water mixture in a temperature gradient
55 Das Sayan Coexisting sliding states for chemically active, bottom-heavy Janus particles near the floor and ceiling
57 Ricci Maria Antonietta Natural and artificial sweeteners: their hydration as the key to understand sweet taste perception
59 Nikoubashman Arash Stratification in drying colloidal films and droplets
61 Roldan-Vargas Sandalo length scales in brownian yet non-gaussian dynamics
62 Potter Thomas A high-throughput coarse-grained simulation approach for calculating membrane partitioning
63 Groves Timothy interfacial structure and screening in confined water-in-salt electrolytes
64 de la Torre Jaime Arturo Markovian approximations and the slip boundary condition in nanohydrodynamics
65 Sesé Sansa Elena Phase separation of active Brownian disks in the presence of alignment
68 Zhang Wengang Growing interfacial layer around nanoparticle in nanocomposites and in thin polymer film and its unexpected impact on the glass transition temperature
69 Pioli Roberto Capillary deposition of microorganisms for the study of cells in spatially controlled environments
71 Demmel Franz Slow structural relaxation process facilitates solidification in liquid gallium
72 Shinde Ravindra Dielectric Relaxation Studies Of Halopropane From 10 MHz to 50 GHz Using a Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
73 Locatelli Emanuele Assembly of patterned colloids close to a patterned substrate
75 Tellez Gabriel Absence of phase transition in the counterion condensation of cylindrical polyions at nonzero salt concentration
76 Patsahan Oksana Effect of fluctuations on correlation functions in inhomogeneous mixtures
77 Lucco Castello Federico isomorph invariance of the bridge function for yukawa one-component plasmas
79 Locatelli Emanuele Structural properties of mixtures of stars polymers and long chains
80 Pinto Diogo The role of cell response time on the dynamics of confluent tissues on patterned substrates
84 Olgenblum Gil linking aqueous trehalose glass-to-liquid transition with hydrogen bonding properties
85 Rotenberg Benjamin Blue energy and desalination with nanoporous carbon electrodes: capacitance from molecular simulations to continuous models
87 Kondic Lou Instabilities of Liquid Crystal Films on Nanoscale
88 Kondic Lou Metal Films of Nanoscale Thickness: From Targeted Experiments to Predictive Modeling and Accurate Simulations
89 Franco Silvia Phase behavior and rheology of multi-responsive soft microgels
90 Matveev Vladimir Testing Structure in Ionic Liquids by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
93 Brańka Arkadiusz Towards the estimation of effective elastic properties of liquid crystal blue phases
95 Scalfi Laura A semi-classical Thomas-Fermi model to tune the metallicity of electrodes in molecular simulations
96 Cassone Giuseppe Ab initio spectroscopy of water under electric field and enhanced conductivity at the electrified air-water interface
99 Fadda Federico Dynamics of a chiral swimmer sedimenting on a flat plate
100 Menshikova Svetlana High-energy X-ray diffraction study of structure of Al70Cu30 and Al90Y10 liquid alloys
101 Gregorin Ziga Liquid Magnets
102 Tsiok Elena Melting scenarios of two-dimensional Hertzian spheres with a single triangular lattice
103 Ryzhov Valentin Melting scenarios of two-dimensional systems with soft deformable potentials
105 Guerrini Aurora Nanotribology of Ionic Liquid-Polar Solvent Mixtures
106 Ciach Alina Properties of adsorption in systems with competing interactions
107 Odagaki Takashi Recent progress in the free-energy-landscape approach to super-cooled liquids and glass transition
108 Demmel Franz Self-diffusion in molten NaBr probed over different length scales by QENS
109 Caraglio Michele Static properties of modulated hard spheres liquid
110 Grzelka Marion Viscoelasticity induced onset of slip at the wall for polymer fluids
111 Fraile Alberto Volume and pressure of helium bubbles inside liquid Pb16Li. A molecular dynamics study
112 Duenweg Burkhard Systematic derivation of hydrodynamic equations for viscoelastic phase separation
113 Walker Martin systematic coarse graining of surfactant-polymer systems
114 Bowles Richard A growing structural length scale in supercooled nanoparticles
115 Sprenger Alexander R. active brownian motion with orientation dependent motility
116 Yoav Tsori Bistable colloidal orientation in polar liquid near a charged wall
120 Rusanov Boris Density and electrical resistivity of Al-Ni-Co-REM alloys in liquid state
121 Rusanov Boris Density, electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility of Co-based glass-forming alloys in liquid state
122 Schrack Lukas Dynamic properties of quasi-confined colloidal hard-sphere liquids near the glass transition
123 Kaur Jagroop Estimation of interfacial tension of wall-isotropic liquid crystalline interface using pressure-tensor method
124 Wu Jinyu feedback controlled self-assembly of superparamagnetic colloids
125 Naskar Supriyo Highly permeable phenine nanotube membranes for water desalination
126 Hotton Claire Linking structural and mechanical properties within hydrogels based on ionene polyelectrolytes and clay nanoplatelets
127 Winkler Roland G. Microswimmer flow field determines swarming
128 Pozar Martina On the pre-peak in mono-ol X-ray spectra and the related micro-structure from computer simulations
130 Truzzolillo Domenico Polymer dynamics in symmetric star-linear polymer mixtures
131 Chuev Gennady N. Quo vadis, site density functional theory of molecular liquids?
133 Mendoza Carlos I. Self-assembly of core-corona particles confined in a circular box
134 Yoav Tsori Surface tension in liquids containing antagonistic ions
136 Fischer Thomas Topological steps toward walking colloidal bipeds
137 Rauter Michael Tobias Two-phase Equilibrium Conditions in Nanopores
138 Loche Philip Universal and non-universal aspects of electrostatics in aqueous nano-confinement
139 Hu Yuanchao What is the key factor controlling the glass-forming ability of metallic alloys?
140 Scotti Andrea Do cavities matter? Hollow microgels resist crystallization
141 Rizvi Syed Haider Abbas Colloidal Interaction of Asphaltene with Silica Surfaces
142 Mirzad Rafael Effran Monte Carlo Simulation of Polydisperse Colloidal Board-like Particles
143 Ortlieb Levke Real space experiments and simulations of deeply supercooled liquids
144 Odriozola Gerardo Cononsolvency of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAM) in Aqueous-Acetone and 1-Propanol
146 Tavares Lopes Joyce Numerical investigations of the liquid crystal phases relevant for the nucleosome
148 Sprinkle Brennan colloidal sedimentation down an inclined plane
149 Chan Chi-Keung Effect of degassing on the aggregation of carbon nanotubes dispersed in water
151 Novikov Artem Thermodynamics of aqueous systems containing rare earth nitrates
152 Yang Yushi Understanding and Controlling the Collective Behaviour of Zebrafish
154 Jeanneret Raphaël Confinement enhances the diversity of microbial flow fields
155 Dequidt Alain Development of polymer models by statistical trajectory matching for coarse grain simulations
156 Dias Cristovao Dynamics of Cell-Mediated Aggregation
157 Lovrincevic Bernarda Dynamics of ethanol molecules in ethanol-water and ethanol-hexane mixtures
158 Issenmann Bruno Effect of pressure and of added glycerol on viscosity of supercooled water
160 Farahmand Bafi Nima Effective pair interaction of patchy particles in critical fluids
162 Yun Sungchan Impacting dynamics of a slanted ellipsoidal droplet on a solid surface
163 Yu Gary Multiscale molecular dynamics simulations of ionic cyanine dyes
165 Holderer Olaf Membrane dynamics at the solid liquid interface
166 Lehmkühler Felix Phase behaviour of silica-PNIPAm nanogels
167 Núñez-Rojas Edgar Separating benzene from hydrocarbons using polar and ionic liquid solvents. A molecular Dynamics Study
168 Amon Alfred Short and medium range order in gallium-iodine molecular melts
169 Heyes David Michael single trajectory viscosities of liquids
170 Fujita Minori Single-sheet diamond colloidal crystals formed by layer-by-layer electrostatic self-assembly
171 Wittmann René Statistical mechanical sum rules for active colloids at surfaces - a touch of equilibrium
172 Ahlskog Markus Erik Surface characteristics control the attachment and functionality of (chimeric) avidin
173 Longbin Xian Synthesis and directed self-assembly of superparamagnetic snowman-like Janus colloids
174 Baumgartner David The influence of viscosity on the outcome of collisions between liquid droplets and another immiscible liquid jet
175 Mayer Daniel Thermal diffusion of a single colloidal particle
177 Jeanmairet Guillaume Using Molecular Density Functional Theory to study electron transfer reaction in water
178 Shimada Masanari Vibrational properties of saddle points in the potential energy landscape of glasses
179 Renner Johannes Custom flow in overdamped Brownian dynamics
180 Eslami Hossein Self-Assembly of Triblock Janus Particles from Solution
181 Rohwer Christian Matthias Activated diffusiophoresis
184 Hallett James Edward green and slippery: friction in deep eutectic solvent
187 Nowakowski Piotr Protein triggered condensation of lipid domains in model cell membrane
188 Tuli Bharti Substrate-induced reentrant melting of two-dimensional liquid crystalline system
189 Jani Aicha Toluene/butanol binary solvents confined in periodic Organosilicates:Confinement effect on structure and dynamics
191 Florian von Rüling Interactions of motile microalgae with shape-anisotropic passive objects
192 Deblais Antoine Phase Separation of Active Polymers
193 Boniello Giuseppe Exploiting defect matrices in liquid crystals layers for active glazing fabrication
195 Stark Holger Optimal steering of a smart active particle
197 Rajbangshi Juriti Dynamic heterogeneity in (ionic liquid + co-solvent) binary mixture: dependence on co-solvent polarity
198 Azari Arash Directed self-assembly of polarizable ellipsoids
199 Uralcan Betul Interconversion-controlled liquid-liquid phase separation of a molecular chiral model
201 Houston Judith Elizabeth Multimodal control of liquid crystalline mesophases from surfactants with photoswitchable tails
202 Hansen Jesper Schmidt Multi-scale hydrodynamic invariance
203 Law-Hine Didier Stabile dispersions of self-assembled mesoscale helices
204 Rojas-Ochoa Luis F. Evidence of electrostatic-enhanced depletion attraction in the structural properties and phase behavior of binary charged colloidal suspensions
205 Pizio Orest Water model in slit-like nanochannels with grafted chains. Density functional theory.
206 Domínguez Alvaro Active particles: beyond self-propulsion
208 Manor Ofer An AcoustoGravitational Balance in Climbing Films of Water and Oil
209 Vega Lourdes Behavior of corrosion inhibitors in water and aqueous solutions near an iron surface. A molecular simulation study
212 Yamanaka Junpei Clustering of oppositely charged colloidal particles
213 Schlaich Alexander Coupling of Adsorption and Transport in Hierarchical Porous Materials
214 Klíma Martin Development of integration methods for MD simulations with variable box size
215 Sarkar Jayati Dewetting assisted self-assembly/ origami formation and folding of graphene particles
216 Malgaretti Paolo Dynamics of active chains: collapse, anomalous diffusion and self-similarity breakdown
218 Ntim Samuel Ionic liquids confined between metallic surfaces: What is the role of image charges?
219 Pica Ciamarra Massimo Long-wavelength fluctuations and anomalous dynamics in 2-dimensional liquids
222 Gonnella Giuseppe Phase diagram of active disks and dumbbells in D=2
224 Okuzono Tohru Phoretic motion of a weakly charged colloidal particle with a surface chemical reaction
225 Chen Shing Bor Polyelectrolyte translocation through various nanopores
226 Pica Ciamarra Massimo Role of Attractive Forces in the Relaxation Dynamics of Supercooled Liquids
227 Mandal Rituparno Shearing an Active Glass
228 Kobayashi Yusei Structural and rheological properties of Janus colloid-polymer mixtures in dilute solution under shear
231 Egamberdiev Kamoladdin Ultrasonic properties of the ionic binary liquid mixtures
234 Speck Thomas Active Brownian particles with discontinuous motility
235 Skipper Katherine Active colloidal gels
238 Varga Szabolcs Anomalous structural transitions of hard body fluids in slit-like pores
240 Skrbic Tatjana Coarse-grained computational study of interacting biomolecules
241 Blaak Ronald Coarse-graining polymers by statistical trajectory matching: surfaces, grafting, and shear
243 Lavergne François, Alexandre Common origin of delayed elastic storage and non-exponential stress relaxation in foams
244 Guidolin Chiara Controlling foam ageing in viscoelastic media
247 González-Martínez Aurora-D. Defect-mediated colloidal interactions in a nematic-phase discotic solvent
248 García Melgarejo Valeria Development of force fields for molecular fluids using explicit water
251 Schmidt Falko Dynamics of an active nanoparticle in a harmonic trap
252 Frielinghaus Henrich Effect of mild nanoscopic confinement on the dynamics of ionic liquids
253 Hallez Yannick Effective electrostatic interactions between anisotropic patchy colloids
254 De Michele Cristiano Elasticity of Lyotropic Liquid Cristals
255 Banerjee Ayan Fast Wideband Active Microrheology using Optical Tweezers
256 Lesnicki Dominika Field-dependent ionic conductivities from generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations
257 Le Blay Marine Flow of emulsions in heterogeneous media
258 Poole Peter Free energy surface of two-step nucleation
259 Heger Dominik Freeze-Concentrated Solutions: A Microscopic and Spectroscopic Investigation
260 Pedersen Ulf R. Freezing of noble elements in the view of hidden scale invariance
262 Schmiedeberg Michael Gel networks in colloid-polymer mixtures in and out of equilibrium
263 van der Meer Berend High antisite defect concentrations in hard-sphere colloidal Laves phases
266 Everts Jeffrey Ionically-charged topological defects in nematic fluids
267 Martínez-Prat Berta Kinetic energy spectra of active nematics
268 Kumar Saravana Measuring the interaction forces at calcite-electrolyte interface using dynamic AFM
270 Dadunashvili George model selection for curvature mediated liquid-liquid phase separation
271 Rohwer Christian Matthias Non-equilibrium correlations and forces in sheared fluids
272 Sanchez Burgos Ignacio On the stability, composition control and local heterogeneities in multicomponent protein condensates formed via Liquid-liquid Phase Separation
273 Jin Dongliang open crystals of inverse patchy colloids
275 Squarcini Alessio Particles, string and interface in the three-dimensional Ising model
277 Ramírez González Juan Pedro Phase behaviour of two-dimensional systems of hard circular arcs
278 Jin Dongliang phase stability of the binary gas hydrate confined in porous carbon: theory and molecular simulation
279 Schneider Stefanie pH-dependent swelling and ionisation of weak polyelectrolyte and polyampholyte networks: A Monte Carlo study
280 Vélez Cerón Ignasi Photoactive active nematic
281 Catalina Haro Pérez Salt and temperature effect on local structure of charged PNIPAM microgels
282 Härtel Andreas Screening and decay lengths in electrolytes and ionic fluids
283 Chubak Iurii Self-organization of associating star polymers with tunable attraction
284 Balázs Fábián Single Particle Dynamics at the Liquid-Vapor and Liquid-Liquid Intrinsic Surfaces
285 Flenner Elijah stability and temperature dependence of sound attenuation in glasses
286 Anzivino Carmine Stable chains of anisotropic colloidal particles at fluid-fluid interfaces
287 Baksi Atanu Structural heterogeneity and dynamical signature in tert-butanol water binary mixture at low alcohol mole-fraction: A simulation investigation
288 Haase Martin F. Tailoring bicontinuous emulsions by phase separation and interfacial assembly
290 Nicollier Philippe The Rising Ratchet: Precise particle sorting using Nanofluidic Rocking Brownian Motors
291 Kobayashi Hideki the self-consistent multi scale simulation of complex fluids
292 Sterkhova Irina The viscosity of bulk-amorphizing (Fe0.75B0.15Si0.1)100-x(Nb,Ta)x (x=1-4) melts
294 Lieu Uyen Topological defects of patchy particles on a spherical surface
295 Ooshida Takeshi Transverse displacement correlations can be more informative than strain correlations about viscoelasticity of glassy liquids
296 Fussell Sian Tunable phase behaviour of pNIPAM microgels and non-ionic polymeric surfactant
297 Singh Jayant K. Unearthing novel ice phases: exploring the phase diagram of quasi-two-dimensional water constrained by diamond
299 Boggon Cameron Capillary-Assisted Deposition of Bacteria as a Tool for Studying Population Heterogeneity
300 Barbosa Marcia 2D nanoporous membrane for desalination
301 Lin Shangchun Analytical classical density functionals from an equation learning network
302 Dobnikar Jure Multivalent binding in cell targeting and genome recognition
303 Dobnikar Jure Spontaneous Domain Formation in Confined Elastic Filaments
304 Kravtsiv Ivan three-yukawa fluid with competing interactions at a hard wall
305 Puertas Antonio M. Breaking free from a colloidal glass
307 Holovko Myroslav Diffusion of a hard sphere fluid in disordered porous media: a modified Enskog theory treatment
309 te Vrugt Michael Extended dynamical density functional theory including momentum density
310 Rojas-Ochoa Luis F. Goniometer-based heterodyne far-field light scattering setup for the study of colloidal systems
311 Mugele Frieder Ion-specific hydration at mineral-electrolyte interfaces
312 te Vrugt Michael Orientational order parameters for arbitrary classical and quantum liquid crystals
313 Staniscia Fabio Pattern formation in nematic active fluids in the small friction regime
316 Linne Christine Selective colloid-surface binding via multivalent interactions
319 Antonelli Alex Splitting up entropy into vibrational and configurational contributions in bulk metallic glasses
320 Mukherji Debashish (An-)isotropic thermal transport and elasticity of polymers: From commodity (smart) plastics to polymer brush
321 Illien Pierre 1D collective dynamics of swimming droplets: alignment induced by speed fluctuations
322 Philipps Christian Anton Analytical description of self-propelled polar flexible filaments
323 Brumby Paul Calculation of the Frank Twist Elastic Constant for liquid-crystal fluids using a twist-test perturbation method
325 Toyotama Akiko Colloidal Crystallization by Depletion attraction
327 Punnathanam Sudeep Computational study of differences between antifreeze activity of Type-III AFP from ocean pout and its mutant
328 Laird Brian Curvature dependence of solid-liquid interfacial free energy: comparisons with morphometric thermodynamics
329 Morillo García Juan Neftalí Dynamics of particles with opposite geometries. Brownian dynamics simulations of nematic liquid crystals
330 Patsahan Taras Effects of disordered porous media on the phase behavior of the explicit solvent ionic model
332 Zhang Xuehua Formation and dynamics of nanodroplets in ternary liquid mixtures
333 Jin Yuliang Gardner transition: criticality in glasses determined from a hybrid simulation - machine learning study
335 Horváth Réka Anna Investigation of methylamine at aqueous surfaces by computer simulation methods
337 Lukšič Miha Ions affect the water dynamics by changing the protein surface roughness
339 Chintha Dinesh modeling of two-body and three-body interactions between ligand coated nanoparticles
340 Kumari Sunita Nature of interaction and ordering of anisotropic rods on soft substrate
341 Amokrane Saïd Pair structure and pressure of liquid alloys of platinum group metals from ab-initio molecular dynamics simulation
342 Brudar Sandi Phase stability of simple globular proteins by atomistic molecular dynamics
345 Ganapathy Rajesh Structure and dynamics of supercooled colloidal liquids on the surface of a sphere
346 Kumar A V Anil Sub-Arrhenius diffusion in a binary colloidal system
347 Amokrane Saïd A simple means of improving the quantitative predictions of the mode coupling theory near the glass transition
348 Tripathy Mukta Microphase separation of asymmetrically-grafted nanoparticles
349 Simončič Matjaž The effect of sucrose and sucralose on the stability of aqueous lysozyme formulations
350 Yanagisawa Naoya The mechanism of collective bubble collapse in a foam
352 Horváth Réka Anna Thermodynamics of mixing methanol with supercritical CO2 as seen from computer simulation and thermodynamic integration
355 Fadeeva Yuliya Alkylammonium-based salts: ionic liquids or molecular complexes?
358 Mondain-Monval Olivier Drying kinetics and acoustic properties of soft porous polymer materials: fabrication of an acoustic metasurface
361 Matsumoto Mitsuhiro Molecular simulation of liquid film instability using a nanobubble
364 Wood Jared Anthony self-assembly and phase behaviour of janus rods
365 Ilhan Beybin Spherical Probes for Simultaneous Measurement of Rotational and Translational Diffusion in 3 Dimensions
366 Troncoso Jacobo The temperature of maximum density for amino acid aqueous solutions. An experimental and molecular dynamics study.
367 Chiappini Massimiliano Under the smectic blanket: biaxial, twist- and splay-bend nematics revealed destabilizing the smectic phase of hard boomerangs
368 Troncoso Jacobo Volumetric characterization of the thermal denaturation of alpha-chymotrypsin at pH 2.2
369 Shrivastav Gaurav Prakash Yielding behavior of a defect-rich crystal
370 Savorana Giovanni A microfluidic platform for characterizing the structure and rheology of biofilm streamers
371 Benedetti Florian Coarse-Grain simulations of Solid Supported Lipid Bilayers with varying hydration level : confrontation with neutron reflectivity measurements
373 Kampmann Tobias Alexander Foamlike network of bundled semiflexible polymers
376 Christophe Labbez Packing charged polydisperse colloids into crystals
379 Schulz Peter Tetrakis(1-imidazolyl)borate as a new anion in ionic liquids and a green alternative to Tetracyanoborate
380 Jorge Miguel The dielectric constant: Reconciling simulation and experiment
382 Barnaveli Alexander Time-Dependent Electric Double Layers
383 Moučka Filip Towards accurate force fields for electrolytes: crystals, hydrates, and aqueous solutions of LiCl, NaCl, KCl
384 Procházka Karel Combination of Self- and Co-Assembly of Block Polyelectrolytes in Aqueous Media leading to Multicompartment Micelles
385 MacDowell Luis Hamaker constants and the cross-over from retarded to non-retarded van der Waals interactions.
386 Kierfeld Jan Pendant capsule elastometry: tensiometry for capsules
387 Rafi Araf Al Structure and dynamics of Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane confined between mica walls under rest and shear
388 MacDowell Luis Surface phase transitions, anomalous step free energies and crystal growth rates of ice in the atmosphere
389 MacDowell Luis The coupled dynamics of premelting films and water droplets on ice
390 Malherbe Jean-Guillaume Effect of hard particles on the ferromagnetic transition in dipolar fluids, a simulation study.
391 Paprocki Daniel Effect of hydrophobicity of heterogenously halogenated benzotriazole derivatives on the binding to protein kinase CK2.
393 Zoettl Andreas A comprehensive understanding of surface and bulk rheotaxis of swimming E. coli bacteria
396 Fischer Alexander Artifical Sensorial Interactions for Microswimmers
397 de las Heras Daniel Better than counting: Density profiles from force sampling
398 Pacakova Barbara Binary clay – graphene oxide liquid crystals
400 Banerjee Atreyee Connection between fragility and isothermal compressibility for glass forming liquids.
402 Petelin Andrej Cross-differential dynamic microscopy: a tool for studying fast dynamics of soft matter
403 Wagner Susanne Crystallization and melting of two-dimensional patchy particles - theory vs simulation
404 van Damme Robin Curious (quasi-)crystals and where to find them: the surprising complexity in solid phases of hard spherotetrahedra
405 Romero-Enrique Jose Manuel Curvature corrections to the nonlocal interfacial model for short-ranged forces
408 Capone Barbara Designing smart polymeric materials: when theory meets experiments
409 Sawa Masashi Diffusion mechanism of a specific Janus particle: A dissapative particle dynamics simulation study
410 Atamas Nataliia Diffusion of the monohydric alcohols in dimethylimidazolium chloride
412 de las Heras Daniel Flow and structure in nonequilibrium colloidal systems
413 Eckert Tobias Fluctuations in inhomogeneous liquids
414 Mryglod Ihor Frequency-dependent partial conductivities in molten salts: Theory and simulations
416 Fränzl Martin Gold Nanoparticle Manipulations by Thermo-Osmotic Flows in Electrolyte Solutions
417 Vadakkayil Nalina Growth of fractal clusters in a three-dimensional Lennard-Jones system
419 Cruces Chamorro Victor Heavy water empirical force fields.
423 Tregouet Corentin Instability of a confined vortex ring generated by a Marangoni flow.
425 van Damme Robin Interparticle torques suppress motility-induced phase separation for rod-like particles
426 Das Koyel Kinetics of vapor-liquid transition in a phase separating binary Lennard-Jones system
429 Takahashi Kazuaki Machine learning for finding effective order parameters for local structures
430 Pal Antara Magnetic-field Assisted Assembly of Colloidal Ellipsoids
431 Geisel Steffen Mechanical and Structural Analysis of Channel Networks in Bacterial Biofilms
434 Moid Mohammad Microscopic study of proton kinetic energy anomaly for nanoconfined water
436 Charlton Sam Multiscale rheology of Comamonas denitrificans: a bacterial gel
437 Dahirel Vincent Non equilibrium simulation of polymer dynamics under confinement: When attraction leads to repulsion
438 Ames Jessica Nucleation and growth of membrane protein crystals in detergent, detergent/lipid and lipid phases
439 Dohni Balkis Optical manipulation of interfaces in phase-separated colloid-polymer mixtures
440 van der Sman Ruud Physical chemistry of gastric digestion of protein gels
441 Gholivand Amirreza Physiologic inspired channel design to study flow behavior of red blood cells
442 Baldi Giacomo Probing the wave-vector dependence of the dynamics of supercooled liquids close to the glass transition
445 Mryglod Ihor Rigorous relation for frequency dependent partial conductivities in a classical system of charged particles
448 Poryles Raphael Shear deformation of a soap film assembly
449 Chiappini Massimiliano Speeding up dynamics by tuning the non-commensurate size of rod-like particles in a smectic phase
451 Akiyama Ryo Statistical Mechanics Study of Separation of Binary Inert Solvent Mixtures by a Tube
452 Eckert Tobias Structural Nonequilibrium Forces in Driven Colloidal Systems
453 Le Breton Guillaume Structure of liquid interface investigated by combining second harmonic generation and multi-scale numerical approach
454 Morse Peter Structure, dynamics, and memory in hard sphere liquids
455 Kierfeld Jan Surfactant-loaded capsules as efficient microswimmers at the air-water interface: symmetry breaking and spontaneous motion by surfactant diffusion and advection
456 Calero Carles Swimming modes of self-assembled magnetic micropropeller
457 Bernard Olivier Can we describe charged nanoparticles with electrolyte theories? Insight from mesoscopic simulation techniques
458 Musso Maurizio Multi-Wavelength Raman Spectroscopy of Poly(Furfuryl Alcohol)
459 Marin Aguilar Susana Tetrahedrality dictates dynamics in hard sphere mixtures
460 Zoranić Larisa The influence of binary mixtures' structuring on the estimation of Kirkwood-Buff integrals
464 Kasperowicz Sławomir Thermodynamic study of the binding of heterogenously halogenated benzotriazoles by protein kinase CK2. Effect of hydrophobicity, electronic properties and substitution pattern.
465 Heyda Jan Thermodynamics of N-isopropylacrylamide in water: insight from experiments, simulations and KB-analysis
466 Filiberti Zeno Thermo-osmosis in closed nanochannels: Direct molecular dynamics simulations
467 Smrek Jan Threading-induced emergent slowing down in entangled tadpole-shaped polymers
468 Mazars Martial Topological defects and the melting in two dimensions.
469 Reinken Henning Topologically selecting bacterial vortex lattices by weak geometrical constraints
471 Bell-Davies Miranda transport of colloidal chains in one-dimensional periodic optical potential energy landscapes
472 Corsi Pietro Tunable Thermosensible Star polymer for Controlled Adsorption in Aqueous Solution
473 Kolafa Jiří Pressure in the electronic continuum correction
474 Moron Mike Solid-fluid interfaces at high pressures
475 Lovrincevic Bernarda Vibrational, rotational and hydrogen bond dynamics of ethanol molecules in binary aqueous and non-aqueous mixtures
476 Romero-Enrique Jose Manuel Wetting of nematic liquid crystals on crenellated substrates: a Frank-Oseen approach
478 Egorov Sergei When does Wenzel's extension of Young's equation for the contact angle of droplets apply? A density functional study.
479 Farr Stephen New coarse-grained model of Chromatin, emergence of ‘liquid-like’ structure.
480 Kalyuzhnyi Yurij Integral equation theory for a mixture of spherical and patchy colloids: Analytical description
481 Maurais Josée Appearance and Disappearance of Quasi-Liquid Layers on Ice Crystals in the Presence of Nitric Acid Gas
482 Hutchinson Joseph coarsening in impurity-doped polycrystalline colloidal monolayers
483 Martinelli Alessandro Compressed dynamics and stress relaxation in glasses: new results from X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
484 Velasco Enrique Domain walls in vibrated monolayers of confined granular rods
485 Zhang Xinyuan Dynamics of active colloids in 2D colloidal crystals
487 Orr Nicholas Grain Boundary Character Measurement and Visualization from Particle Coordinates
488 Karner Carina Hierarchical self-assembly of patchy rhombi
489 Celný David How to implement molecular dynamics of highly heterogeneous systems on GPUs
491 Rżysko Wojciech local and global crystallization observed in Janus particle systems under confinement
492 Garlea Ioana Absorption of Janus tadpole polymers
493 Becker Julian Probing Non-covalent Interactions in Ionic Liquid-Solute Systems
495 Zantop Arne Shape-anisotropic microswimmers: Influence of hydrodynamics
496 Fernandez-Rico Carla Shaping colloidal SU-8 particles: from rods to banana-shaped particles
497 de las Heras Daniel Superadiabatic demixing in nonequilibrium colloids
498 Garlea Ioana Dynamical properties of concentrated suspensions of block copolymer stars in shear flow
499 Tarazona Pedro From liquid surfaces to graphene: Bedeaux-Weeks series for density correlations and surface structure factor
501 Kasianiuk Iryna Colloidal crowd control by tuning the curvature of a near-infrared Gaussian beam
502 Roa Rafael Degradation of enzyme-sensitive hydrogels
503 Silkina Inese ESA mirogravity program for Liquid Matter research
504 Kloucek Maximilian Benedikt evidence of a liquid-liquid transition in a colloidal model system confirmed through gibbs-ensemble monte carlo simulations
505 Kasyanyuk Denis How to create colloidal clusters with low-intensity divergent Gaussian beams
506 van der Wee Ernest Microrollers: layering and obstacles
508 Kreissl Patrick Measuring (visco)elastic properties of magnetic composite materials in computer simulations
509 Wittkowski Raphael Nano- and microparticles propelled by traveling ultrasound waves: shape-dependence of the propulsion and collective dynamics
510 Schulte Marie Friederike New frontiers in atomic force microscopy - how to resolve the internal structure of super-soft objects at solid/liquid interfaces
513 Chenneviere Alexis Grafted polymer chains in nanopores: Direct probing of conformation and flow properties
514 Dyre Jeppe C. Recent applications of isomorph theory
516 Deblais Antoine Rheology of Entangled Active Polymer-like T. Tubifex Worms
517 Rey Rossend Self-thermophoresis at the nanoscale using light induced solvation dynamics
520 Mauray Alexis study of oil flow in microfluidic chip at low temperature
521 Pardon Antonin Studying the local structure of imidazolium ionic liquids using hyper rayleigh scattering
522 Petersen Charlotte Subdiffusive transport in soft crowded environments
526 Ganguly Saswati Understanding the role of defects on mechanical properties of colloidal crystals at the microscopic scale: insights from hard-sphere and ultra-soft colloids
527 Shigeki Matsunaga A molecular dynamics study on a Glucose aqueous solution used in a biofuel cell
529 Huang Tao Anisotropic exclusion effect between photocatalytic Ag/AgCl Janus particles and passive beads in a dense colloidal matrix
530 Häring Johannes Broken spatial symmetries and elastic constants in ordered states of anisotropic particles
532 Kampmann Tobias Alexander Effective interaction of hard disks dispersed in needles
533 Höfling Felix Emergence of molecular friction in liquids: bridging between the atomistic and hydrodynamic pictures
534 Archer Andrew John First order phase transitions and the thermodynamic limit
535 Ayotte Patrick Modeling Elementary Heterogeneous Atmospheric (Photo)chemical Processes on Ice and their Dynamics using Amorphous Solid Water
536 Nava Giovanni Molecular diffusion in structured fluids
537 Wittkowski Raphael Pair-distribution function of active Brownian spheres: simulation results and analytic representation
538 Weeber Rudolf Simulation of viscoelastic fluids: Combining Lattice-Boltzmann hydrodynamics and particulate elastic dumbbells
539 Schöpe Hans Joachim The missing billions in hard sphere nucleation
541 Pingua Nandlal Topological Identification Criteria, Stability and Relevance of Pentagonal Nanochannel in Amorphous Ice
542 Maciolek Anna Transient dynamics and motility of optically heated Janus colloid in a binary liquid
543 Goldstein Patricia Transport properties of supersaturated aqueous sugar solutions
545 Mirshekariyan Babaki Mehrnaz red blood cells aggregates in nematic phase
546 Kurdakova Svetlana Extraction of terbium (III) from nitrate medium by di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid
548 Tinti Antonio Accelerated drying in hydrophobic nanoconfinement: the role of the line tension
549 Blas Felipe J. An accurate density functional theory for the vapor–liquid interface of chain molecules based on the statistical associating fluid theory for potentials of variable range for Mie chainlike fluids
550 Digregorio Pasquale Clustering of topological defects in two-dimensional melting of active and passive disks
551 Sanjay Vatsal Coalescence induced jumping of drops & bubbles
552 Andraca Gomez Adriana Comparison between supercooled fragile liquids and supersaturated binary solutions
553 Ganapathi Divya Crystallization of a soft colloidal glass
555 Söker Nicola directed thremo-osmotic flows at spatially patterned chemically modified surfaces
556 Dallari Francesco Effects of residual stresses on the aging of oxide glass formers and colloidal glasses
557 Alexandre Morin Entropy-driven assembly of colloidal tetrahedra
559 Söker Nicola experimental study of an active brownian swimmer exploring regions with inhomogeneous activity
560 Camisasca Gaia Gas-driven bubble formation in nanochannel
561 Germain Philippe Glass transition and reversible gelation in asymmetric binary mixtures: A study by mode coupling theory and molecular dynamics
562 Ferdeghini Filippo Hybrid hydrogels with Pickering Emulsion as cross-linkers: a new smart system for drug delivery applications
563 Schmidt Maximilian Marcel Influence of charges on the properties of polyelectrolyte microgels adsorbed to oil/water interfaces
564 Del Monte Giovanni Inhomogeneous structural transition in thermoresponsive microgels: simulations and experiments
565 Kuznetsov Andrey Magnetophoretic nanoparticle transport in ferrofluids
566 Li Jingwen Measuring nucleation rate densities in confocal microscopy
567 Chtchelkatchev Nikolay Method for unique determination of fluid glass transition temperature
568 Blas Felipe J. Preferential orientation and interfacial energy of organic chainlike molecules at the water + alcohols interface
569 Reichert Benjamin Self-propulsion of a volatile drop floating on a liquid bath
570 Fossum Jon Otto Sorption and dynamics of carbon dioxide in smectite clay nano-layers
571 Magnitskaya Maria Structural heredity between liquid and solid state in noncentrosymmetric transition-metal monogermanides
572 Moreno Angel J. Structure and dynamics of ultrasoft nanogels under shear flow in dilute and concentrated solutions
574 Stenhammar Joakim The role of dimensionality in the collective dynamics of microswimmers
575 Olarte-Plata Juan D The role of mass asymmetry on the thermal polarization effect in Janus particles
576 Cerdeiriña Claudio The statistical mechanical basis of water's unusual thermodynamics
578 Gurin Péter Transfer operator theory of confined hard body systems
579 Nickel Anne Tuning size, shape and softness of anisotropic microgels in solution and at the interface by their shell thickness
580 Bochenek Steffen Tuning the Softness Leads to Unexpected Responses of Microgel Monolayers at Liquid Interfaces
581 Franzese Giancarlo Water in rigid and soft confinement
582 Hecksher Tina What high resolution physical aging measurements can tell us about non-Arrhenius and non-exponential behavior of supercooled liquids
583 Ventura Rosales Ivonne Elizabeth Elasticity behavior of amphiphilic diblock copolymer brushes under confined geometry
584 Colla Thiago Osmotic equilibrium and mechanical stability of charged capsids
585 Rizzo Tommaso Solvable Models of Supercooled Liquids at the Avoided Mode-Coupling-Theory Transition
587 Zinn Thomas Phoretic dynamics of colloids in phase separating critical solvent mixtures
588 Chtchelkatchev Nikolay Structural heredity of quasicrystal melts: quantum molecular dynamic simulation
589 Bruot Nicolas Aggregation and phase transition of colloids induced by optical tweezers and thermophoresis
590 Bruot Nicolas Dissipative effects in puncture and penetration tests of soft materials and application to understanding the filamentous growth of C. albicans
591 Blas Felipe J. Hydrate - water interfacial free energy from computer simulation
592 Vollmer Doris Lifting a sessile oil drop with an impacting one
594 Buzzaccaro Stefano Multi-scale relaxation in aging gels: from localized plastic events to system-spanning ‘quakes’
598 Giavazzi Fabio Tracking-free one- and two-point microrheology of complex fluids
599 Malvar Sara A rheological comparison of suspensions of microbial biopolymer and biofuel producers
601 Driscoll Michelle Colloidal suspension drops under extreme stress
602 Kantorovich Sofia Diffusion of active-dipolar cubes in applied fields
604 Straube Arthur Electrophoretically driven nematic colloids: from individual propulsion to collective effects
605 Pagonabarraga Ignacio Emerging behavior in active and passive apolar coloidal mixtures
606 Cerar Janez Influence of linear charge density parameter on water dynamics in polyelectrolyte solutions
607 Helm Christiane Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films from Mixtures of Polyanions: Different Composition in Film and Preparation Solution
608 Boek Edo Pore filling events in micro-models and 3D rock geometries using micro-fluidic experiments and pore-scale lattice-Boltzmann simulations for CO2 storage applications
610 Handle Philip H. Simulations of the LiCl -- water system: The effects of concentration and supercooling
612 Leal Catarina R. Temperature influence in the rheology of living S. aureus cultures
614 Kos Ziga Topological dynamics of confined 3D active nematic turbulence
616 Klopotek Miriam Variational autoencoders learn collective variables from simulation snapshots
617 Zanchetta Giuliano A microscale approach to yield stress fluids: investigation of nonlinearity and yielding with an optofluidic micro-rheometer
618 Söker Nicola experimental study of an active brownian particle exploring regions of different activity
620 Wu Ten-Ming Optical Kerr effect reduced spectra of liquid and supercooled water
621 Denton Alan Osmotic Pressure and Swelling of Ionic Microgels
622 Kyakuno Haruka Proton transport through ice nanoribbons
624 Majee Arghya Charge regulation radically modifies electrostatics in membrane stacks
626 Kowaguchi Akie phase transitions of a simple model liquid crystal using replica exchange monte carlo simulations
628 Kaplan Nadir Non-equilibrium signal integration in hydrogels
631 Meijer Janne-Mieke Monolayers of cubic colloids: crystals, dynamics and defects
632 Sedenkov Pavel Physicochemical properties of aqueous emulsions of n-alkanes prepared by ultrasonic dispersion
634 Wynne Klaas Polyamorphism mirrors polymorphism in the liquid–liquid transition of a molecular liquid
636 Ishiyama Masanari A Study of Polymorphism in Polymer-Grafted-Nanoparticles using Molecular Dynamics simulation
637 Bergman Maxime controlling the morphology of microgels by ionic stimuli
639 Taniguchi Yo the acceleration of the gelation mechanism of the tetra-armed star polymer by the excluded volume effect
640 Donev Aleksandar Brownian dynamics of confined suspensions of driven active colloids
641 Chuev Gennady N. Features of ion–water and ion–ion interactions in ChCl(aq)
642 Wu Ten-Ming Reorientation of OH-group connecting bifurcated H-bond acceptors in liquid water
644 Emelyanenko Alexandre Spreading of biologically relevant liquids over the surfaces with hierarchical roughness
645 Naskar Supriyo Liquid Crystal Ordering of Nucleic Acids
646 Dias Soeiro Cordeiro Maria Natalia Uncovering Salt Separation from Water by Graphene Oxide Nanochannels by Molecular Simulations
648 Emelyanenko Kirill Alteration of local dielectric response in thin liquid films and nanodroplets due to van der Waals interactions
649 Marchand Manon Céline tuning foam friction on rough surfaces
650 Cohen Céline Wetting of textured surfaces and the capillary bridge technique.
653 Rubio Miguel A. Thermo-rheological studies of phase transitions in fatty acid Langmuir monolayers: Transitions to the LS phase
654 Nah Junghyo Triboelectric charging effect at the liquid and graphene interface and the roles of underneath polymer substrates
656 Rios de Anda Ioatzin Decorated Protein Networks: Functional Nanomaterials with Tunable Domain Size
657 Thakur Snigdha Autonomous movement of a chemically powered diffusiophoretic vesicle
659 Ortiz Ambriz Antonio Bidirectional currents in confined driven colloids
660 Peng Yi Imaging the emergence of bacterial turbulence using light-controlled E. Coli
661 Zoettl Andreas Large speed enhancement of a model bacterium swimming in polymeric fluids
662 Keim Peter Mermin-Wagner fluctuations in 2D amorphous solids
665 Sanchez Marcos Enrique A General Purpose Acetonitrile Interaction Potential to Describe its Liquid, Solid and Gas Phases
666 Paget Jack Layered Liquids: A Beris-Edwards theory of smectodynamics
667 Hiraiwa Tetsuya dynamical ordering of migrating cells
668 Li Tao double high-internal phase emulsions and the phase transition into a tri-continuous structure
669 Kamaeva Larisa Effect of copper concentration on the structure and properties of ternary melts based on Al-Cu with Fe, Co and Ni
671 Ingram Stephen On the stabilisation of nanobubbles under tension in Xylem sap
672 Kondrat Svyatoslav How the shape of macromolecules affects diffusion in crowded environments?
673 Kondrat Svyatoslav Fluid-mediated interactions between colloids in bulk and confinement
675 Mazza Marco Emergence of phytoplankton patchiness at small scales in mild turbulence
676 Cammann Jan Nonequilibrium fluxes of a microswimmer in strong confinement
677 Arismendi Arrieta Daniel Soft colloidal particles at fluid interfaces: a computational approach
678 Vinutha H. A. Solubility of glasses
680 Diaz Javier Co-assembly of block copolymers and complex nanoparticles: colloidal anisotropy
681 Smith William Computationally Efficient Molecular Simulation of Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium by a Novel Thermodynamically Inspired Molecular Dynamics Algorithm
683 Vuijk Hidde Lorentz forces induce inhomogeneity and flux in active systems
684 Crosby David Non-buckling Interfaces Stabalised by Microgels
685 Gibbions Nigel Numerical simulation of wetting and dewetting of a nanoparticle at a polymer-polymer interface, with and without shear
686 Huber Patrick Self-assembly of liquid crystals in nanoporous solids for adaptive photonic metamaterials
687 Bharadwaj Swaminath Coil-to-globule transitions of polymers in mixed solvents
688 Thijssen Kristian Control of Active Nematics through Friction
689 Long Didier René Diffusio-osmosis and wetting: a unified picture based on a virtual work principle and consistent with the contact theorem
691 Stenberg Samuel Simulating Simple Models of Ionic Liquids Confined Between Perfectly Conducting Electrodes.
692 Tauber Justin Synergy in the nonlinear mechanics of composite (bio)polymer networks
693 Forsman Jan Thin-thick surface transitions in mixtures, below the Lower Critical Solution Temperature.
694 Janssen Mathijs Adriaan Transient response of an electrolyte to a suddenly applied temperature or external potential difference
695 Shendruk Tyler Active nematic flow-states in simulated topological microfluidics
696 Schwarcz Deborah Diffusion enhancement and Einstein relation breakdown in binary mixtures of particles
697 Fu Li Droplet motion on textured substrates amplified by lateral vibration
698 Hruby Jan Volumetric properties of seawater in high accuracy and extreme ranges
699 Jabbari Farouji Sara Compression-induced anti-nematic ordering in glassy and semicrystalline polymers
702 Ramamonjy Aina Pattern formation in photo-controlled bioconvection
703 Pierno Matteo Fluidization and directional plasticity in textured microfluidic channels
704 Pierno Matteo Two-fold fluidization and directional plasticity in textured microfluidic channels
705 Monego Debora Ligand-Mediated Interaction Between Colloidal Nanoparticles
706 Li Zhujie Ion-specific Adsorption on Bare Gold Nanoparticles: Solvation Structure and Surface Potentials
709 Srinivasula Pramodt Improving electroporation of biomembranes by incorporating a new transient bulk charge due to nonlinear electrokinetics in the bulk solution
710 Reischl Bernhard Towards understanding heterogeneous ice nucleation on realistic silver iodide surfaces from atomistic simulation
711 Moore Fergus Anomalous dynamics of active matter in porous media
712 Demchuk Taras Features of collective excitations in liquid polyvalent metals: ab initio simulation study
713 Suda Keiju Depletion effect arising from lateral translational motion of lipid molecules on crystallization of bacteriorhodopsin
714 Comtet Jean Direct observation of water mediated single proton transport between hBN surface defects
715 Martin David Topological vs metric interactions : density fluctuations generically make the transition to collective motion first order
716 Okubo Kenzaburo Entropic Effect on Size Selective Adsorption in Non-Polar System
717 Joyce Patrick The self-association of Glucagon
719 Mambretti Francesco Emergence of an Ising critical regime in the clustering of one-dimensional soft matter revealed through string variables
720 Fadda Federico Modelling aerotaxis of micro-organisms
723 Dominguez Hector Adsorption/desorption studies of contaminants at different interfaces using surfactant micelles: A computer simulation study
725 Kowaguchi Akie examination of the phase transitions for a simple model liquid crystal using replica exchange monte carlo simulation
726 Jin Dongliang Phase stability of a hybrid crystal-liquid solid in charged patchy colloid systems
727 Szamel Grzegorz Stochastic thermodynamics for self-propelled particles
728 Cruz Carolina Electrical Double Layers Close to Ionic Liquid-Solvent Phase Transitions
729 Moncho-Jorda Arturo Controlling the Microstructure and Phase Behavior of Confined Soft Colloids by Active Interaction Switching
730 Lehmkühler Felix Correlation of dynamics and orientational order in liquid and dense colloidal systems probed with coherent X-rays
732 Rozman Jan Collective cell mechanics of epithelial shells with organoid-like morphologies
733 Kondrat Svyatoslav How shape of macromolecules and interactions affect diffusion in crowded environments?
735 Shigeki Matsunaga Structure, transport phenomena, permittivity of ionic batteries made of polyvalent metals, Mg and Al, using ionic liquids as electrolytes -Study by molecular dynamics-
736 Vilquin Alexandre Time dependence of advection-diffusion coupling for nanoparticle ensembles
738 Wong William Microdroplet Contaminants: When and Why Superamphiphobic Surfaces are Not Self-Cleaning
739 Suzer Sefik Probing Dynamics of Non-Faradaic Processes in Ionic Liquids at Extended Time and Length Scales using XPS with AC Modulations
741 Datta Alokmay Initial Stages in Biofilm Growth
742 Azari Arash Self-assembly of multipolar patchy colloids
743 Datta Alokmay Silica and Titania in Ultrathin Films - Metastable Phases Under Confinement
744 Panczyk Tomasz Interaction of non canonical telomeric DNA fragments with carbon nanotubes in aqueous solutions. Insights from molecular simulations.
745 Avila Jocasta Porous ionic liquids: a recyclable, effective and selective gas separation
746 Pulido Lamas Cintia Seeding studies on the nucleation of NaCl in supersaturated solutions
747 Santos Andres Structural properties of additive binary hard-sphere mixtures
748 Singh Akash Direct Confocal Imaging of Fracture Precursors in Casein Gel
749 Zakutanska Katarina Effect of high concentration of magnetic nanoparticles on properties of ferronematics
751 Holl Max Philipp A binary Phase-Field-Crystal model with nonreciprocal interaction
752 Kobayashi Takeshi A computational model for the study of catalysts in the Supported Ionic Liquid Phase in mesoporous media
753 Kobayashi Takeshi A theoretical and computational study of ionic liquid mixtures in front of charged surfaces
754 Nieto-Draghi Carlos Accurate mesoscopic modeling of transport properties of aqueous NaCl solutions
756 Sammüller Florian Adaptive Brownian Dynamics
757 Munaò Gianmarco Advances in the calculation of effective particle-particle interactions in polymer nanocomposites
758 Berthin Roxanne An atomistic insight on the physical properties of biredox ionic liquids from classical molecular dynamics.
760 Bełej Monika Analysis of interface bending caused by Marangoni flow
761 Nordanger Henrik Anisotropic diffusion of ellipsoidal tracers in microswimmer suspensions
763 Eroshkin Yuriy Calculation of fast relaxation times in ensemble of cylindrical micelles
765 Rincón Londoño Natalia Collective behavior of an active system trapped in optical tweezers
766 Stuhlmueller Nico Colloidal transport in twisted magnetic patterns
767 Herrero Cecilia Connection between water's dynamical and structural properties: insights from ab-initio simulations
768 Hu Hao-Wei Correlating low-frequency collective fluctuations with structural rearrangement in cold dusty plasma liquids
769 Sahoo Subhadarshinee Crossing of a liquid-liquid interface by a droplet at high inertia
770 Giunta Giuliana Cross-over in the dynamics of polymers confined between two liquids of different viscosity
771 Vereecke Guy Characterization of water structuring in silica nanowells by ATR-FTIR
772 Noya Eva Design of patchy models assembling into complex crystals and axial quasicrystals
773 Yamamoto Ryoichi Direct numerical simulation of Quincke rollers with fully resolved hydrodynamics
774 Mostarac Deniz Directional assembly of DNA nano-chambers into polymer-like structures
776 te Vrugt Michael Effects of social distancing and isolation modeled via dynamical density functional theory
777 Mejia-Tamayo Veronica Effects of temperature on the structure and solution properties of arabinogalactan-proteins from Acacia gum exudates
778 Wagner Susanne Entropic differences between lattices formed by hard ellipses
779 Rosenberg Margaret Ferromagnetic nematic phases of charged magnetic nanoplatelets
781 Ricci Maria Antonietta GPG-NH2 solutions as an example for beta-turn hydration
782 Orr Nicholas Grain boundary characterization from particle coordinates.
783 Hutchinson Joseph grain rotation from collective motion in coarsening polycrystalline colloidal monolayers
785 Di Gioacchino Michael Hydration of Carboxyl Groups: A Route toward Molecular Recognition?
786 Norma Caridad Palmero Cruz Hydrodynamic correlations of trapped particles in optical tweezers
787 Robert Clément Hydrodynamics of aqueous thin films of surfactants while drying
788 Serva Alessandra Hydrophobic hydration at electrified gold/water interfaces
789 Faucon Camille Hydrophobicity scale based on scaled particle theory
790 Lattuada Enrico Hyperbranched clusters of DNA nanostars
792 Baumgartner David In-air microfluidics: regimes and transitions
793 Fayen Etienne infinite pressure phase diagram of binary (non)-additive hard-disk mixtures
794 Bischofberger Irmgard Instabilities and flow-induced defects in lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals
795 Staňo Roman Ion partitioning in non-stoichiometric complex coacervates: a coarse-grained simulation study
796 Le Merrer Marie Jammed suspensions of soft microgels: microstructure and wall slip regimes
797 te Vrugt Michael Jerky active matter: a phase field crystal model with translational and orientational memory
798 Ragulskaya Anastasia Kinetics and dynamics of LLPS in protein solutions exhibiting a LCST phase behavior probed by XPCS
800 Widmer-Cooper Asaph Ligand and solvent effects on the colloidal stability of apolar nanoparticles
801 Baggioli Matteo Liquids are not held together by springs
802 Das Debankur Long-range correlations in actively pinned athermal networks
803 Corsi Pietro Macromolecular adsorption at the nanoscale: playing with geometry for a gain in selectivity
804 Novikau Ivan Magnetic nanogel in shear flow
806 Campos Villalobos Gerardo Many-body interactions in colloid-polymer mixtures using symmetry functions
807 Miniewicz Andrzej Marangoni effect at the oil/ferrofluid interface
808 Henshaw Charlotte micropipette manipulation techniques to improve emulsion stability and in turn microparticle production
809 Girelli Anita Microscopic dynamics of liquid-liquid phase separation and domain coarsening in a protein solution revealed by XPCS
810 Puķina-Slava Lāsma Mixing two fluids with a smeared interface with the magnetic micro-convection is limited by gravity
811 Jirsák Jan Molecular dynamics study of the effect of a strong electric field on a poly(oxyethylene) chain in solutions
814 Liu Chun-Yu Multi-scale fluctuations of cancer clusters in cancer-endothelial cell mixtures
815 Hermann Sophie Noether’s theorem in statistical mechanics
816 Campos Villalobos Gerardo Non-conventional phases of colloidal nanorods with a soft corona
817 Becker Julian Non-covalent Interactions between Nitroaromatics and 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium methyl sulfate
818 Bley Michael Non-equilibrium polymer conformations and scaling from computer simulations of polymerizations
819 Janek Jiří Novel Barostat Implementation for Molecular Dynamics
821 Crothers Ruth Observing the Role of Hydrodynamics in the Rotational Motion of Colloidal Spheres
824 Sanchez Burgos Ignacio Parasitic crystallization of colloidal electrolytes: growing a metastable crystal from the nucleus of a stable phase
825 Abdulkadieva Mariam Pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains of E.coli have different motility patterns
826 Li Bin phase transitions from oppositely charged colloidal particles driven by alternating current electric field
827 te Vrugt Michael Philosophy of dynamical density functional theory
828 de Jager Marjolein Point defects in crystals of soft colloidal particles
829 Cuetos Alejandro Polymer-induced microcolony compaction in early biofilms: a computer simulation study
831 Huebl Maximilian Reinforcement Learning of Microswimmer Chemotaxis with Genetic Algorithms
832 Hartl Benedikt Reliable computational prediction of supramolecular ordering of complex molecules at a gold interface
833 Coli Gabriele Maria Reverse engineering of quasicrystals through convolutional learning
834 Blazquez Samuel Scaled charges at work: Salting out and interfacial tension of methane with electrolyte solutions from computer simulations
835 Pal Antara Self-assembly and dynamics at the nearest neighbour length scale of ellipsoidal colloids and the influence of an external magnetic field
836 Kamal Mohammad Arif Self-assembly and dynamics of colloidal rods
837 Sánchez Pedro A. Self-assembly dynamics of colloids coated with mobile DNA linkers
838 De Filippo Carlo Andrea Self-assembly in elongated nanoparticles: a theoretical and experimental approach
839 Sato Takumi self-assembly of polymer-tethered nanoparticles in nanotubes
840 Pyanzina Elena Self-assembly of supramolecular magnetic polymers with different monomers
842 Domínguez Alvaro Self-phoresis driven by ambient correlations – A new mechanism
843 Kaiser Martin Separation of active-dipolar cubes in applied fields
845 Hallez Yannick Shear-induced glass-to-crystal transition in anisotropic clay-like suspensions
846 Montero de Hijes Pablo Solid-liquid curved interfaces in equilibrium: the result of crystal nucleation in a finite system
849 Frohoff-Hülsmann Tobias Suppression of coarsening in a Cahn-Hilliard model with nonreciprocal coupling
850 Patel Mehzabin Temperature-induced liquid crystal microdroplets and templated microparticles in a partially miscible liquid mixture
851 Lohrmann Christoph The influence of motility on bacterial accumulation in a microporous channel
852 Zvrerev Vladimir The magnetorheological properties of cluster formed by Stockmayer supracolloidal magnetic polymers in a microchannel
853 Coli Gabriele Maria The role of fivefold symmetry in the polymorph selection of hard-sphere crystal nucleation
854 Chiricotto Mara The role of long-range electrostatic interactions and local topology of the hydrogen bond network in the wettability of fully and partially wetted single and multilayer graphene
855 Staňo Roman The role of ring-polymer topology in macromolecular self-assembly of polyelectrolytes and polyampholytes
856 Norma Caridad Palmero Cruz The understanding of hydrodynamic interactions in complex fluids
857 Korbel Jan Thermodynamics of structure-forming systems
861 Enders Sabine Ultrasonic based design of molecular weight and dispersity of PVDF
864 Evans Robert Unifying the description of hydrophilic and superhydrophobic surfaces: importance of wetting & drying transitions and accompanying fluctuations.
865 Schmidt Matthias Universality in driven and equilibrium hard sphere liquid dynamics
866 Špadina Mario Using colloidal soft-matter theory to decipher synergistic extraction of lanthanides
867 Zhang Yun Xuan Void closure dynamics in densification of spindle-shaped fibroblast monolayer
868 Dijkstra Marjolein Watching the Birth of a Binary Icosahedral Laves Phase Cluster of Colloidal Hard Spheres
869 Fins Carreira Adérito Wetting properties of colloidal active matter
870 Fujii Kairi Three-dimensional modeling of molecular liquid using EPSR method
871 Martínez-Pedrero Fernando Transport of Magnetic Microparticles on a Self-Assembled 2D Lattice through an Externally Monitored Potential
872 Karpińska Aneta Nanoviscosity of cyto/nucleoplasm as a tool for quantitative analysis of cellular uptake and PARP1 binding of olaparib analog drug
873 Kumari Sunita Phase ordering of absorbed rigid rods mediated by the Boussinesq interaction on a soft elastic substrate
875 Kimura Koji Application of Anomalous X-ray Scattering Technique to Alkaline Aqueous Solution: Local Structure around a Dilute Metallic Ion
876 Benedetti Florian Combining force inference and holographic microscopy to measure colloidal interactions
878 Krüger Matthias Driven particles in non-Markovian fluids
879 Saghaei Tayebeh Electro Spinning
880 Goloviznina Kateryna Exploring free volume of branched cation ionic liquids via polarisable MD simulations
881 Hoang Ngoc Minh Thê Fluctuations of ionic current through nanopores
882 Beck Christian Following the diffusive processes during a non-classical protein crystallization via neutron spectroscopy
883 Karner Carina From open to close-packed tilings and beyond - tuning the assemblies of patchy platelets with patch size and placement
884 Merabia Samy Giant thermoelectric response of nanofluidic systems controlled by water excess enthalpy
885 Ebrahimi Viand Roya Heat and mass flows induced by reservoirs out of equilibrium
887 Baran Lukasz Hierarchical self-assembly of tetratopic building blocks
889 Hauer Lukas Hydrogel coatings – towards shear-resistant durable long-lasting lubricant-impregnated surfaces
890 Heckel Sandra Inherently asymmetric BiVO4 microswimmers with flexible swimming modes
892 Rottler Joerg Kinetic pathways of block copolymer directed self-assembly: Insights from efficient continuum modeling
893 O'Byrne Jérémy, Charles, Marie Lamellar to micellar phases and beyond: when tactic active systems admit free energy functionals
894 Mac Fhionnlaoich Niamh Liquid Crystal Mediated Reversible Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles
895 Roosen-Runge Felix Macromolecular crowding in cellular lysate induces a non-uniform slowing down of protein diffusion
898 Coelho Domingos Jorge Luiz Non-equilibrium phase diagrams of magnetic rods driven by rotating fields
899 Sciortino Alfredo Pattern formation and polarity sorting of driven actin filaments on lipid membranes
900 Pérez-Ramírez Héctor Allan Polymer demixing in binary aqueous solutions
902 Kavokine Nikita Quantum friction in nanoscale water transport
903 Matsarskaia Olga Quantitative Analysis of Metal Ion-Protein Binding Equilibria by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Spectroscopy
904 Kennedy Chris Self-assembly of colloidal cubes with critical Casimir attractions
905 Boniface Dolachai Self-propulsion of symmetric interfacial Swimmers
906 Brenn Günter Shape oscillations of inviscid liquid drops – nonlinear effects
907 Ruscher Céline Signatures of the spatial extent of plastic events in the yielding transition in amorphous solids
908 Perera Aurelien Site-site interaction model for water and aqueous mixtures in two-dimensions
909 Truzzolillo Domenico Spinning elastic beads: a route for simultaneous measurements of the shear modulus and the interfacial energy of soft materials.
910 Mokhtari Zahra Spontaneous trail formation in populations of chemotactic agents
911 Langins Aigars Starfish instability evolution of magnetic fluid droplets in rotating magnetic field
912 Groves Timothy Surface forces and structure in a water-in-salt electrolyte
913 Artemov Vasily The difference between instantaneous and diffusion-averaged structures of water according to broadband dielectric spectroscopy
915 Kume Eni Thermo-mechanical coupling in mesoscopic liquids
916 Leonitidis Epameinondas Towards a rational design of multilayer emulsions for optimal protection against oxidation of valuable oils
918 Azari Arash Tuning the porosity of self-assembled multipolar colloidal monolayers
919 Jukić Ivo Universal features in lifetime distribution of clusters in hydrogen bonding liquids
920 Bacon Camille Using ionic liquids to improve the energy density of supercapacitors : a Molecular Dynamics study
921 Bergman Maxime visco-elasticity of soft, thermoresponsive colloids around the liquid-to-solid transition
923 Fadda Federico Clustering and chemotactic interactions in self-propelled particles
925 Serna Horacio Effects of confinement on colloids with competing interactions
927 Kapteijns Geert Does mesoscopic elasticity control viscous slowing down in glassforming liquids?
929 Tejedor Andrés R. Re-entrant behaviour in stability and viscosity of protein condensates induced by RNA strands
930 Gekle Stephan Flow-accelerated platelet biogenesis is due to an elasto-hydrodynamic instability
931 Yoshimori Akira Microscopic expressions of deviation from the slip boundary condition in the Stokes law
932 Pablo M. Blanco pH-controlled encapsulation of a cationic peptide by anionic dendrimers
933 Pablo M. Blanco Simulation of reversible chain association using the reaction ensemble Monte Carlo
934 Shinohara Ryoko Observation of inhomogeneous concentration field in a convection of a binary mixture.
935 Ishikawa Rikuya Pattern formation during phase separation by directional quenching in 3dimensional system
936 Janssen Mathijs Adriaan Divalent ligand-monovalent molecule binding
939 Kutti Kandy Sreeja Shape regulation of cell membranes by adhesion and crowding
940 Tani Marie Liquid pinch-off from a foam droplet confined in a Hele-Shaw cell
941 Wu Xiaoyue Colloidal crystallisation under the influence of an external electric field
942 Jampani Venkata Subba Rao Elasticity driven self-shaping liquid crystals
943 Sevilla Mauricio Exact Kirkwood-Buff integrals for finite-size systems
944 Seknagi Jordan Foam structures depend on physico-chemistry: consequences for drainage
946 Pantawane Sanwardhini Morphological inquiry on poly(3-hexylthiopene): Detailed study on collapse transition of flexible, semiflexible and stiff polymers
947 Arai Shota A theory of viscosity in the system of a large particle immersed in a binary solvent
948 Arnoulx de Pirey Thibaut AOUP in the presence of Brownian noise: a perturbative approach
949 Banerjee Atreyee Finite-size analysis and thermodynamic properties of model supercooled liquids
950 Robert Anton Liquid-metal interface beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation
951 Shmotolokha Volodymyr Patchy colloids of non-spherical shape in disordered porous media
952 Rui Cheng Protein–Polymer Mixtures in the Colloid Limit: Aggregation, Sedimentation and Crystallization
953 Noji Junpei Solvation effects on polarization relaxation around an ion
954 Wood Jared Anthony Spontaneous chiral twisting of achiral rod platelets
955 Kutteh Ramzi Stokesian dynamics of arbitrary-shape passive and active particles in linear flow: constraint and rigid body approaches with applications
956 Caporaletti Federico Structure and dynamics of the H-bond network of supercooled water in soft confinement
957 Bolle Jennifer Structure formation and dielectric dynamics of n-octanols
958 Janssen Mathijs Adriaan Transmission line circuit and equation for an electrolyte-filled pore of finite length
959 Anand Kanika A microscopic description of the behavior of nanoconfined water within layered double hydroxides
960 Pineda Sebastian Acid/base ionization of oligolysines in presence of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes
961 Baptista Luis Adaptive resolution simulation method through the lens of density functional theory
962 Skrbic Tatjana Building blocks of protein structures – Physics meets Biology
963 Lee Lloyd Constructing composite spheres into molecules of tetrahedral symmetry
964 Curk Tine Charge-regulation effects in nanoparticle self-assembly and polyelectrolyte complexation
965 Sorichetti Valerio Fluctuations control the assembly of semiflexible filaments
966 Warren Patrick Homing in on the vapour-liquid phase transition in the restricted primitive model using Wertheim associating fluid models and liquid state theory
967 Hvozd Taras Liquid–liquid phase separation, and percolation behaviour of a model antibody fluid in random porous media. Influence of attractive interactions 'fluid-porous medium'.
969 Štěpánek Miroslav Onion-type micelles and vesicles with interpolyelectrolyte complex layers
971 Hongtao Cai pH-controlled interaction of oligolysines with poly(methacrylic acid)
973 Předota Milan Simulation predictions of non-linear optics at solid-liquid interfaces
974 Kalyuzhnyi Yurij Solution of the associative MSA for the patchy colloidal model with dipole-dipole interaction
975 Hermansson Kersti H dynamics in the hydration shell of CO2
976 Agosta Lorenzo Self-assembly of periodic mesophases in systems interacting with SALR potential
977 Agosta Lorenzo Water on metal oxide nano-interfaces at ambient conditions
978 Dongmo Foumthuim Cedrix Jurgal Can the roles of polar and non-polar moieties be reversed in non-polar solvents?
980 Tian Li Novel two-dimensional phases assembled by anisotropic colloidal particles with curvature-dependent attraction