Prague, Czech Republic, July 19-23, 2021

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Since its inaugural meeting in 1990 in Lyon, the Liquid Matter Conference (LMC) has been held regularly every third year. It has brought together researchers from all over the world working in the field of physics and chemistry of liquids and related areas, leading to many mutually beneficial collaborations and contacts.

Following the Lyon meeting, past conferences were held in Florence (1993), Norwich (1996), Granada (1999), Konstanz (2002), Utrecht (2005), Lund (2008), Vienna (2011), Lisbon (2014) and Ljubljana (2017).

The 11th LMC conference, organized jointly by the Czech Academy of Sciences and J. E. Purkinje University under the auspices of the European Physical Society (EPS), was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 in Prague. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions and uncertainties, the LMC Board and the Condensed Matter Division of the EPS were forced to reschedule it to 2021. However, there is currently no guarantee that free travel and conference gatherings will be possible in near future.

In view of these circumstances and with the goal of continuing with this well-established series of scientific meetings, it has been decided to hold the 11th LMC on the scheduled dates of July 18 – 23, 2021, but as a virtual event.


The online platform, including a virtual experience of the conference lecture halls and roaming through rooms with posters, is being developed in cooperation with DECHEMA, Germany. All other organizational details remain unchanged. We will keep you informed as the planning progresses.


Nezbeda orez2

Ivo Nezbeda

Conference Chair


Deadline for abstract submission

31 March 2021

Notification of abstract acceptance

30 April 2021 - prolonged to 15 May 2021

Deadline for early bird registration

15 May 2021 - prolonged to 23 May 2021


18-23 July 2021

Liquids of Prague

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View of monuments from the river in Prague.

Plenary speakers

Molinero Valeria

Salt Lake City

Vermant Jan



Cohen Itai



Liquid Matter Award

The conference Liquid Matter Award 2020 / 2021: Daan Frenkel, Cambridge.

"Has Liquid State Physics Gone Viral ?"  Wednesday July 21,  at 5:10 (CET).


The conference program is structured into 10 sessions with one invited plenary talk and two invited kyenote contributions each.


Sessions and speakers

1. Ionic Liquids, Electrolytes, and Liquid Metals

Jungwirth P., Prague
Costa Gomes M.,
Wasserscheidt P.

2. Water, Mixtures, and Solutions

Molinero V., Salt Lake City
Caupin F.
Loveday J.

3. Liquid Crystals and Anisotropic Fluids

Abbott N.
Ferrarini A.
Fernandez-Nieves A.

4. Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, Biopolymers

Likos Ch.

Schmid F.
Restagno F.



5. Colloids

Cohen I., Ithaca
Filion L.
Kraft D.

6. Liquid Interfaces, Films, Foams, Emulsions

Vermant J.
Höhler R.
Cox S.

7. Liquids in Confinement, Solid-Liquid Interfaces, Nanofluidics

Boya R.
Oettel M.
Collin A.

8. Supercooled Liquids, Glasses, and Gels

Biroli G.
Cipelletti L.
Ikeda A.

9. Active Matter and Driven Systems

Bartolo D.
Tailleur J.
Cerbino R.

10. Biological Fluids

Manning L.
Broedersz Ch.


Program Overview


Registration and abstract submission

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Registration fee

 Standard fee
(before May 15, 2021)
 Late fee
 Regular EUR 320 EUR 350
 Students EUR 220 EUR 250
 Accompanying persons - -


Registration fee includes:

For active participants:

• All congress materials

• Access to all sessions

• Congress concert

• Virtual beer party




To prepare an abstract, please, download first a template using the link.

Complete the abstract and submit it through this Web Page.

Abstract has to be no more than two pages of A4 format long. Abstracts not complying with the rules (format, size, etc.) won’t be accepted and considered for inclusion to the conference program.



The summary must be prepared with any version of the MS-Word editor (as *.docx or *.doc) on maximum two pages of A4 size (297x210 mm) with all margins equal to 25 mm. The single spaced text should be typed in Times New Roman font. Please, start at the top of page with the title of your contribution (non-capitalised, left aligned, bold, size 14 pts.); for a title, maximum of 150 characters including spaces is allowed. Skip two lines below title and type the author’s name(s) in the following order: initial(s), surname (font size 12 pt., left aligned). Underline the name of the author delivering the paper. On the next line, enter the affiliations of authors with full postal address; telephone, fax, and e-mail connections are desirable (12 pt., left aligned).

Then, skip two lines and begin your summary text: single-spaced, justified, non-bold, 12 pts., Times New Roman. You can locate any text, equations, figures, references, etc. within the area available.

An example of summary is available in MS-Word template.

Please follow all the instructions very carefully to achieve the formal appearance of a summary as closely as possible to this template. Regrettably, most of preliminary summaries usually do not comply with these instructions. Therefore, they must be formally re-edited by the Scientific Committee, which does not bear responsibility for possible changes ensuing from such reformatting. Every author is responsible for the quality and content of her/his summary. The summary not meeting the above requirements will not be accepted and the author will be notified.


Technical Information for Virtual Lectures

All Lectures will be held in a virtual format through Zoom on the LMC Virtually website. The time for Lectures (orals) is 20 minutes. Strict timekeeping will be essential for the smooth running of the meeting. Lectures must be presented in English.

For the LMC Virtually 2021 we prefer live lectures in order to enable interactive scientific discussion. We will schedule the lectures of Asian/Australian authors in the morning and the lectures of American authors in the afternoon, so that all authors can hold their lectures during European day time hours. For the case that you are absolutely not available, an advance recording of your lecture may be a possibility. Please contact us if an advance recording is required.

A rehearsal of the presenting authors will be arranged 30 minutes before the start of each lecture block to check the audio and video facilities.

If you wish, you can upload your presentation slides in advance of the congress (without deadline). Please login to your account, open your submission and use the ‘Presentation Upload’ link in order to upload your slides.

A special introduction and rehearsal meeting will be available for all presenting authors will take place on Monday, 12 July, 2PM CET via the Zoom - please follow the link


If you miss the authors webinar and wish to learn more about the LMC Virtually 2021, you will be able to watch the record of the meeting.

Preparation and Presentation of Virtual Posters

Each poster presentation will be displayed on a poster stand within the virtual congress. Your poster stand will display your poster title, the presenting author, the abstract, and the poster file. You also have the option of adding a single web link to your poster stand (YouTube video/demonstration, publication link, LinkedIn/Xing bio, etc). Also, your contact email will be available to the visitors for communication. A chat tool (Tawk.to) will be implemented, so that you will be able to communicate with interested colleagues (further information will follow). We will use the submitting person’s contact details for display of contact information.

File format: PDF (one page only - multiple pages not allowed)
File orientation: 1080x1920 pixels (portrait)
Resolution: 72 - 300 dpi
Maximum file size: 10 MB
Optional: Additional web link to your reference, e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.

Please login to your account, open your submission and use the ‘Presentation Upload’ link in order to upload your poster. For inclusion of your poster in the LMC Virtually, we need your poster file and additional information not later than 15 June 2021. For belated submissions we cannot guarantee that the layout of your virtual poster booth can be adapted accordingly.

The poster will be visible during the whole conference. The opportunities to discuss the posters are during the virtual poster sessions (the exact date will be available soon). The authors are expected to be available for chat during the virtual poster session.

If you agree to publish your contact details, registered participants can also send you their requests by email or visit your preferred weblink (e.g. Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website etc.). Please be informed, that your Tawk.to account for the chat during the poster session will be set up approx. 1 month before the congress:

  • You will receive an email invitation. Please follow the dashboard link and be so kind to create your account at Tawk.to
  • Please familiarise yourself with the chat features.
  • On the day of the virtual poster session, please login to your Tawk.to account in advance of the virtual poster session and stay logged in, so that you can receive chat requests.

Final Confirmation of Participation

Please be so kind to help us with scheduling the program for the LMC Virtually 2021 by confirming your participation. For this purpose, please login to your account, open each submission and confirm that you are willing to deliver your lecture or to present your poster.

Registration of Presenter

A registration of the presenting author for the LMC Virtually is mandatory for each accepted contribution. The deadline for registration of presenting author is 15 April 2021. If the presenting author has not registered, the presentation will be withdrawn from the program.


No full papers from the LMC Virtually 2021 will be published.




Please do not hesitate to contact us after you have exhausted all self-help options:

Nezbeda orez2

Ivo Nezbeda

for scientific matters


Bohacova navazno_MG_5740_300pix

Zuzana Boháčová

for organizational matters