P1.1 Amokrane Said Pair structure and pressure of liquid alloys of platinum group metals from ab-initio molecular dynamics simulation 341 1
P1.2 Amon Alfred Short and medium range order in gallium-iodine molecular melts 168 1
P1.3 Avila Jocasta Porous ionic liquids: a recyclable, effective and selective gas separation 745 1
P1.4 Barnaveli Alexander Time-Dependent Electric Double Layers 382 1
P1.5 Becker Julian Non-covalent Interactions between Nitroaromatics and 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium methyl sulfate 817 1
P1.6 Blazquez Samuel Scaled charges at work: Salting out and interfacial tension of methane with electrolyte solutions from computer simulations 834 1
P1.7 Cats Peter The Puzzling Decay Length in Concentrated Electrolytes 597 1
P1.8 Cruz Carolina Electrical Double Layers Close to Ionic Liquid-Solvent Demixing 53 1
P1.9 Cruz Carolina Electrical Double Layers Close to Ionic Liquid-Solvent Phase Transitions 728 1
P1.11 Fujii Kairi Three-dimensional modeling of molecular liquid using EPSR method 870 1
P1.12 Goloviznina Kateryna Exploring free volume of branched cation ionic liquids via polarisable MD simulations 880 1
P1.14 Groves Timothy Surface forces and structure in a water-in-salt electrolyte 912 1
P1.15 Guerrini Aurora Nanotribology of Ionic Liquid-Polar Solvent Mixtures 105 1
P1.16 Härtel Andreas Screening and decay lengths in electrolytes and ionic fluids 282 1
P1.17 Hartl Benedikt Reliable computational prediction of supramolecular ordering of complex molecules at a gold interface 832 1
P1.18 Hoang Ngoc Minh The Fluctuations of ionic current through nanopores 881 1
P1.19 Holderer Olaf Effect of mild nanoscopic con?nement on the dynamics of ionic liquids 252 1
P1.20 Chubak Iurii NMR relaxation rates of quadrupolar nuclei in aqueous solutions from classical molecular dynamics 897 1
P1.21 Kolafa Jiří Pressure in the electronic continuum correction 473 1
P1.23 Moučka Filip Towards accurate force fields for electrolytes: crystals, hydrates, and aqueous solutions of LiCl, NaCl, KCl 383 1
P1.24 Nieto-Draghi Carlos Accurate mesoscopic modeling of transport properties of aqueous NaCl solutions 754 1
P1.25 Novikov Artem Thermodynamics of aqueous systems containing rare earth nitrates 151 1
P1.28 Pardon Antonin Studying the local structure of imidazolium ionic liquids using hyper rayleigh scattering 521 1
P1.29 Patsahan Taras Effects of disordered porous media on the phase behavior of the explicit solvent ionic model 330 1
P1.30 Scalfi Laura A semi-classical Thomas-Fermi model to tune the metallicity of electrodes in molecular simulations 95 1
P1.31 Schulz Peter Tetrakis(1-imidazolyl)borate as a new anion in ionic liquids and a green alternative to Tetracyanoborate 379 1
P1.35 Warren Patrick Homing in on the vapour-liquid phase transition in the restricted primitive model using Wertheim associating fluid models and liquid state theory 966 1
P2.1 Akiyama Ryo Statistical Mechanics Study of Separation of Binary Inert Solvent Mixtures by a Tube 451 2
P2.2 Arai Shota A theory of viscosity in the system of a large particle immersed in a binary solvent 947 2
P2.3 Artemov Vasily The difference between instantaneous and diffusion-averaged structures of water according to broadband dielectric spectroscopy 913 2
P2.4 Cortes-Huerto Robin Adaptive resolution simulation method through the lens of density functional theory 961 2
P2.5 Barrera Maria Cecilia a polarization-consistent model for alcohols to predict solvation free energies 233 2
P2.6 Baumgartner David In-air microfluidics: regimes and transitions 792 2
P2.7 Bolle Jennifer Structure formation and dielectric dynamics of n-octanols 957 2
P2.8 Caporaletti Federico Structure and dynamics of the H-bond network of supercooled water in soft confinement 956 2
P2.9 Cruces Chamorro Victor Heavy water empirical force fields. 419 2
P2.10 de las Heras Daniel Superadiabatic demixing in nonequilibrium colloids 497 2
P2.11 Heger Dominik Freeze-Concentrated Solutions: A Microscopic and Spectroscopic Investigation 259 2
P2.12 Herrero Cecilia Connection between water's dynamical and structural properties: insights from ab-initio simulations 767 2
P2.13 Heyda Jan Thermodynamics of N-isopropylacrylamide in water: insight from experiments, simulations and KB-analysis 465 2
P2.14 Horváth Réka Anna Investigation of methylamine at aqueous surfaces by computer simulation methods 335 2
P2.15 Horváth Réka Anna Thermodynamics of mixing methanol with supercritical CO2 as seen from computer simulation and thermodynamic integration 352 2
P2.20 Ishikawa Rikuya Pattern formation during phase separation by directional quenching in 3dimensional system 935 2
P2.21 Issenmann Bruno Effect of pressure and of added glycerol on viscosity of supercooled water 158 2
P2.22 Janek Jiří Novel Barostat Implementation for Molecular Dynamics 819 2
P2.23 Jin Dongliang phase stability of the binary gas hydrate confined in porous carbon: theory and molecular simulation 278 2
P2.24 Jukić Ivo Universal features in lifetime distribution of clusters in hydrogen bonding liquids 919 2
P2.25 Kaplina Maria Extraction of terbium (III) from nitrate medium by di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid 546 2
P2.26 Kimura Koji Application of Anomalous X-ray Scattering Technique to Alkaline Aqueous Solution: Local Structure around a Dilute Metallic Ion 875 2
P2.27 Lovrincevic Bernarda Vibrational, rotational and hydrogen bond dynamics of ethanol molecules in binary aqueous and non-aqueous mixtures 475 2
P2.28 Noji Junpei Solvation effects on polarization relaxation around an ion 953 2
P2.29 Perera Aurelien Site-site interaction model for water and aqueous mixtures in two-dimensions 908 2
P2.30 Pozar Martina On the pre-peak in mono-ol X-ray spectra and the related micro-structure from computer simulations 128 2
P2.31 Pulido Lamas Cintia NaCl crystallization from aqueous salt solutions by seeded and unseeded simulations 746 2
P2.32 Punnathanam Sudeep Computational study of differences between antifreeze activity of Type-III AFP from ocean pout and its mutant 327 2
P2.33 Sevilla Mauricio Exact Kirkwood-Buff integrals for finite-size systems 943 2
P2.34 Shinohara Ryoko Observation of inhomogeneous concentration field in a convection of a binary mixture. 934 2
P2.35 Shumilin Ilan how sugars modify caffeine self-association and solubility: resolving a mechanism of selective hydrotropy 33 2
P2.36 Skvara Jiri Computationally Efficient Molecular Simulation of Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium by a Novel Thermodynamically Inspired Molecular Dynamics Algorithm 681 2
P2.39 Yoshimori Akira Microscopic expressions of deviation from the slip boundary condition in the Stokes law 931 2
P2.40 Zoranić Larisa The influence of binary mixtures' structuring on the estimation of Kirkwood-Buff integrals 460 2
P2.41 Matsarskaia Olga Quantitative Analysis of Metal Ion-Protein Binding Equilibria by X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Spectroscopy 1007 2
P3.2 Brańka Arkadiusz Towards the estimation of effective elastic properties of liquid crystal blue phases 93 3
P3.3 Brumby Paul Calculation of the Frank Elastic Constants for Liquid-Crystal Fluids From Test Perturbations of the Director Field 323 3
P3.4 Campos Villalobos Gerardo Non-conventional phases of colloidal nanorods with a soft corona 816 3
P3.7 González-Martínez Aurora-D. Defect-mediated colloidal interactions in a nematic-phase discotic solvent 247 3
P3.8 Gregorin Ziga Liquid Magnets 101 3
P3.9 Huber Patrick Self-assembly of liquid crystals in nanoporous solids for adaptive photonic metamaterials 686 3
P3.10 Kampmann Tobias Alexander Effective interaction of hard disks dispersed in needles 532 3
P3.11 Kowaguchi Akie phase transitions of a simple model liquid crystal using replica exchange monte carlo simulations 626 3
P3.12 Kowaguchi Akie examination of the phase transitions for a simple model liquid crystal using replica exchange monte carlo simulation 725 3
P3.16 Lieu Uyen Topological defects of patchy particles on a spherical surface 294 3
P3.17 Mac Fhionnlaoich Niamh Liquid Crystal Mediated Reversible Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles 894 3
P3.18 Malherbe Jean-Guillaume Effect of hard particles on the ferromagnetic transition in dipolar fluids, a simulation study. 390 3
P3.19 Mirshekariyan Babaki Mehrnaz red blood cells aggregates in nematic phase 545 3
P3.20 Paget Jack Layered Liquids: A Beris-Edwards theory of smectodynamics 666 3
P3.21 Patel Mehzabin Temperature-induced liquid crystal microdroplets and templated microparticles in a partially miscible liquid mixture 850 3
P3.22 Pieprzyk Sławomir A numerical analysis method for 2D liquid crystal textures 31 3
P3.23 Revignas Davide cDFT calculation of Frank elastic constants for non-convex particles 764 3
P3.24 Romero-Enrique Jose Manuel Wetting of nematic liquid crystals on crenellated substrates: a Frank-Oseen approach 476 3
P3.28 Shrivastav Gaurav Prakash Mixtures of liquid crystals and magnetic nanoparticles: hybrid materials with tunable flow properties 360 3
P3.29 te Vrugt Michael Orientational order parameters for arbitrary classical and quantum liquid crystals 312 3
P3.30 Teixeira Paulo Ordering of oblate hard particles between hybrid penetrable walls 6 3
P3.31 Teixeira Paulo Ordering of oblate hard particles between symmetric penetrable walls 985 3
P3.32 Tonti Luca macromolecular diffusion in crowded organised suspensions 38 3
P3.34 Yu Gary Multiscale molecular dynamics simulations of ionic cyanine dyes 163 3
P3.35 Zakutanska Katarina Effect of high concentration of magnetic nanoparticles on properties of ferronematics 749 3
P4.1 Afrasiabian Navid The Journey of a single polymer chain to a nanopore 2 4
P4.2 Ahlskog Markus Erik Surface characteristics control the attachment and functionality of (chimeric) avidin 172 4
P4.3 Bharadwaj Swaminath Coil-to-globule transitions of polymers in mixed solvents 687 4
P4.4 Blaak Ronald Coarse-graining polymers by statistical trajectory matching: surfaces, grafting, and shear 241 4
P4.7 Coluzza Ivan Proteins are Solitary! Pathways of Protein Folding and Aggregation in Protein Mixtures 16 4
P4.8 Dequidt Alain Development of polymer models by statistical trajectory matching for coarse grain simulations 155 4
P4.9 Diaz Javier Co-assembly of block copolymers and complex nanoparticles: colloidal anisotropy 680 4
P4.10 Dobnikar Jure Spontaneous Domain Formation in Confined Elastic Filaments 303 4
P4.11 Dongmo Foumthuim Cedrix Jurgal Can the roles of polar and non-polar moieties be reversed in non-polar solvents? 978 4
P4.12 Duenweg Burkhard Systematic derivation of hydrodynamic equations for viscoelastic phase separation 112 4
P4.14 Hauer Lukas Hydrogel coatings – towards shear-resistant durable long-lasting lubricant-impregnated surfaces 889 4
P4.15 Hongtao Cai pH-controlled interaction of oligolysines with poly(methacrylic acid) 971 4
P4.16 Hotton Claire Linking structural and mechanical properties within hydrogels based on ionene polyelectrolytes and clay nanoplatelets 126 4
P4.17 Chubak Iurii Self-organization of associating star polymers with tunable attraction 283 4
P4.18 Jirsák Jan Molecular dynamics study of the effect of a strong electric field on a poly(oxyethylene) chain in solutions 811 4
P4.19 Kampmann Tobias Alexander Foamlike network of bundled semiflexible polymers 373 4
P4.20 Kreissl Patrick Measuring (visco)elastic properties of magnetic composite materials in computer simulations 508 4
P4.21 Kutti Kandy Sreeja Shape regulation of cell membranes by adhesion and crowding 939 4
P4.22 Musso Maurizio Multi-Wavelength Raman Spectroscopy of Poly(Furfuryl Alcohol) 458 4
P4.23 Pablo M. Blanco pH-controlled encapsulation of a cationic peptide by anionic dendrimers 932 4
P4.24 Pablo M. Blanco Simulation of reversible chain association using the reaction ensemble Monte Carlo 933 4
P4.25 Pantawane Sanwardhini Morphological inquiry on poly(3-hexylthiopene): Detailed study on collapse transition of flexible, semiflexible and stiff polymers 946 4
P4.26 Pérez-Ramírez Héctor Allan Polymer demixing in binary aqueous solutions 900 4
P4.27 Pineda Sebastian Acid/base ionization of oligolysines in presence of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes 960 4
P4.28 Simončič Matjaž The effect of sucrose and sucralose on the stability of aqueous lysozyme formulations 349 4
P4.30 Smrek Jan Threading-induced emergent slowing down in entangled tadpole-shaped polymers 467 4
P4.31 Sorichetti Valerio Fluctuations control the assembly of semiflexible filaments 965 4
P4.32 Staňo Roman Ion partitioning in non-stoichiometric complex coacervates: a coarse-grained simulation study 795 4
P4.33 Staňo Roman The role of ring-polymer topology in macromolecular self-assembly of polyelectrolytes and polyampholytes 855 4
P4.34 Tellez Gabriel Absence of phase transition in the counterion condensation of cylindrical polyions at nonzero salt concentration 75 4
P4.36 van Buel Reinier Controlling Elastic Turbulence 401 4
P4.37 Ventura Rosales Ivonne Elizabeth Elasticity behavior of amphiphilic diblock copolymer brushes under confined geometry 583 4
P4.38 Ventura Rosales Ivonne Elizabeth Microelastic properties of spherical diblock copolymer stars, theory and simulations 1010 4
P5.3 Azari Arash Tuning the porosity of self-assembled multipolar colloidal monolayers 918 5
P5.4 Bell-Davies Miranda transport of colloidal chains in one-dimensional periodic optical potential energy landscapes 471 5
P5.5 Bergman Maxime visco-elasticity of soft, thermoresponsive colloids around the liquid-to-solid transition 921 5
P5.6 Bianchi Emanuela Assembly of patterned colloids close to a patterned substrate 73 5
P5.7 Bianchi Emanuela What does it take to make a hybrid crystal-liquid structure? 477 5
P5.8 Campos Villalobos Gerardo Many-body interactions in colloid-polymer mixtures using symmetry functions 806 5
P5.9 Castaneda-Priego Ramón Reversible cluster formation in colloidal dispersions 47 5
P5.10 Coli Gabriele Maria The role of fivefold symmetry in the polymorph selection of hard-sphere crystal nucleation 853 5
P5.11 Crothers Ruth Observing the Role of Hydrodynamics in the Rotational Motion of Colloidal Spheres 821 5
P5.12 De Filippo Carlo Andrea Self-assembly in elongated nanoparticles: a theoretical and experimental approach 838 5
P5.13 de Jager Marjolein Point defects in crystals of soft colloidal particles 828 5
P5.14 de las Heras Daniel Flow and structure in nonequilibrium colloidal systems 412 5
P5.15 Dijkstra Marjolein Watching the Birth of a Binary Icosahedral Laves Phase Cluster of Colloidal Hard Spheres 868 5
P5.16 Domínguez Alvaro Self-phoresis driven by ambient correlations – A new mechanism 842 5
P5.17 Eckert Tobias Fluctuations in inhomogeneous liquids 413 5
P5.18 Eckert Tobias Structural Nonequilibrium Forces in Driven Colloidal Systems 452 5
P5.19 Eslami Hossein Self-Assembly of Triblock Janus Particles from Solution 180 5
P5.20 Farahmand Bafi Nima Effective pair interaction of patchy particles in critical fluids 160 5
P5.21 Fayen Etienne infinite pressure phase diagram of binary (non)-additive hard-disk mixtures 793 5
P5.22 Fernandez-Rico Carla Shaping colloidal SU-8 particles: from rods to banana-shaped particles 496 5
P5.25 Fujita Minori Single-sheet diamond colloidal crystals formed by layer-by-layer electrostatic self-assembly 170 5
P5.26 Ganguly Saswati Understanding the role of defects on mechanical properties of colloidal crystals at the microscopic scale: insights from hard-sphere and ultra-soft colloids 526 5
P5.27 Haro-Pérez Catalina Ester Salt and temperature effect on local structure of charged PNIPAM microgels 281 5
P5.28 Hermann Sophie Noether’s theorem in statistical mechanics 815 5
P5.29 Ishiyama Masanari A Study of Polymorphism in Polymer-Grafted-Nanoparticles using Molecular Dynamics simulation 636 5
P5.30 Jin Dongliang open crystals of inverse patchy colloids 273 5
P5.33 Kamal Mohammad Arif Self-assembly and dynamics of colloidal rods 836 5
P5.34 Karner Carina Hierarchical self-assembly of patchy rhombi 488 5
P5.35 Karner Carina From open to close-packed tilings and beyond - tuning the assemblies of patchy platelets with patch size and placement 883 5
P5.36 Kennedy Chris Self-assembly of colloidal cubes with critical Casimir attractions 904 5
P5.38 Kobayashi Yusei Structural and rheological properties of Janus colloid-polymer mixtures in dilute solution under shear 228 5
P5.39 Kondrat Svyatoslav Fluid-mediated interactions between colloids in bulk and confinement 673 5
P5.40 Krüger Matthias Driven particles in non-Markovian fluids 878 5
P5.41 Kuznetsov Andrey Magnetophoretic nanoparticle transport in ferrofluids 565 5
P5.43 Lucco Castello Federico isomorph invariance of the bridge function for yukawa one-component plasmas 77 5
P5.44 MacDowell Luis Hamaker constants and the cross-over from retarded to non-retarded van der Waals interactions. 385 5
P5.45 Mambretti Francesco Emergence of an Ising critical regime in the clustering of one-dimensional soft matter revealed through string variables 719 5
P5.46 Meijer Janne-Mieke Monolayers of cubic colloids: crystals, dynamics and defects 631 5
P5.47 Mendoza Carlos I. Self-assembly of core-corona particles confined in a circular box 133 5
P5.48 Mirzad Rafael Effran Monte Carlo Simulation of Polydisperse Colloidal Board-like Particles 142 5
P5.49 Monego Debora Ligand-Mediated Interaction Between Colloidal Nanoparticles 705 5
P5.50 Di Leo Simone Molecular diffusion in structured fluids 536 5
P5.51 Ni Ran Linker-mediated self-assembly of mobile DNA coated colloids 49 5
P5.52 Noya Eva Design of patchy models assembling into complex crystals and axial quasicrystals 772 5
P5.53 Orr Nicholas Grain Boundary Character Measurement and Visualization from Particle Coordinates 487 5
P5.54 Pal Antara Magnetic-field Assisted Assembly of Colloidal Ellipsoids 430 5
P5.55 Pal Antara Self-assembly and dynamics at the nearest neighbour length scale of ellipsoidal colloids and the influence of an external magnetic field 835 5
P5.57 Ramírez González Juan Pedro Phase behaviour of two-dimensional systems of hard circular arcs 277 5
P5.58 Renner Johannes Custom flow in overdamped Brownian dynamics 179 5
P5.60 Rui Cheng Protein–Polymer Mixtures in the Colloid Limit: Aggregation, Sedimentation and Crystallization 952 5
P5.61 Saghaei Tayebeh Electro Spinning 879 5
P5.62 Sammüller Florian Adaptive Brownian Dynamics 756 5
P5.63 Sánchez Pedro A. Self-assembly dynamics of colloids coated with mobile DNA linkers 837 5
P5.64 Sanchez Burgos Ignacio Parasitic crystallization of colloidal electrolytes: growing a metastable crystal from the nucleus of a stable phase 824 5
P5.65 Santos Andres Structural properties of additive binary hard-sphere mixtures 747 5
P5.67 Serna Horacio Effects of confinement on colloids with competing interactions 925 5
P5.68 Slepavicius Justinas Phase Behaviour of Triangular Trimers in Colloidal Suspensions 39 5
P5.69 te Vrugt Michael Extended dynamical density functional theory including momentum density 309 5
P5.70 te Vrugt Michael Philosophy of dynamical density functional theory 827 5
P5.71 Teixeira Paulo Patchy particles at a hard wall: orientation-dependent bonding 15 5
P5.72 Tian Li Novel two-dimensional phases assembled by anisotropic colloidal particles with curvature-dependent attraction 980 5
P5.73 Toyotama Akiko Colloidal Crystallization by Depletion attraction 325 5
P5.74 van der Meer Berend High antisite defect concentrations in hard-sphere colloidal Laves phases 263 5
P5.75 Wagner Susanne Crystallization and melting of two-dimensional patchy particles - theory vs simulation 403 5
P5.76 Wagner Susanne Entropic differences between lattices formed by hard ellipses 778 5
P5.77 Wood Jared Anthony self-assembly and phase behaviour of janus rods 364 5
P5.78 Wood Jared Anthony Spontaneous chiral twisting of achiral rod platelets 954 5
P5.79 Wu Xiaoyue Colloidal crystallisation under the influence of an external electric field 941 5
P5.80 Yamanaka Junpei Clustering of oppositely charged colloidal particles 212 5
P5.81 Vaughan Laurent Phase Behaviour of Colloidal Tetrahedra 1012 5
P6.1 Balázs Fábián Single Particle Dynamics at the Liquid-Vapor and Liquid-Liquid Intrinsic Surfaces 284 6
P6.2 Bełej Monika Analysis of interface bending caused by Marangoni flow 760 6
P6.3 Boniface Dolachai Self-propulsion of symmetric interfacial Swimmers 905 6
P6.4 Betti Lorenzo Wetting of textured surfaces and the capillary bridge technique. 650 6
P6.5 Dadunashvili George model selection for curvature mediated liquid-liquid phase separation 270 6
P6.6 Dohni Balkis Optical manipulation of interfaces in phase-separated colloid-polymer mixtures 439 6
P6.9 Giunta Giuliana Cross-over in the dynamics of polymers confined between two liquids of different viscosity 770 6
P6.10 Guidolin Chiara Controlling foam ageing in viscoelastic media 244 6
P6.12 Henshaw Charlotte micropipette manipulation techniques to improve emulsion stability and in turn microparticle production 808 6
P6.13 Kierfeld Jan Pendant capsule elastometry: tensiometry for capsules 386 6
P6.14 Le Blay Marine Flow of emulsions in heterogeneous media 257 6
P6.15 Le Breton Guillaume Structure of liquid interface investigated by combining second harmonic generation and multi-scale numerical approach 453 6
P6.16 Marchand Manon Céline tuning foam friction on rough surfaces 649 6
P6.17 Matsumoto Mitsuhiro Molecular simulation of liquid film instability using a nanobubble 361 6
P6.18 Miniewicz Andrzej Marangoni effect at the oil/ferrofluid interface 807 6
P6.19 Poryles Raphael Shear deformation of a soap film assembly 448 6
P6.21 Rubio Miguel A. Thermo-rheological studies of phase transitions in fatty acid Langmuir monolayers: Transitions to the LS phase 653 6
P6.22 Sahoo Subhadarshinee Crossing of a liquid-liquid interface by a droplet at high inertia 769 6
P6.23 Sanjay Vatsal Coalescence induced jumping of drops & bubbles 551 6
P6.24 Seknagi Jordan Foam structures depend on physico-chemistry: consequences for drainage 944 6
P6.25 Tani Marie Liquid pinch-off from a foam droplet confined in a Hele-Shaw cell 940 6
P6.26 Thijssen Job Interaction between Nearly Hard Colloidal Spheres at an Oil-Water Interface 424 6
P6.27 Tregouet Corentin Instability of a confined vortex ring generated by a Marangoni flow. 423 6
P6.28 Wong William Microdroplet Contaminants: When and Why Superamphiphobic Surfaces are Not Self-Cleaning 738 6
P6.29 Yanagisawa Naoya The mechanism of collective bubble collapse in a foam 350 6
P6.30 Zrnić Dino Shape oscillations of inviscid liquid drops – nonlinear effects 906 6
P7.2 Anand Kanika A microscopic description of the behavior of nanoconfined water within layered double hydroxides 959 7
P7.3 Archer Andrew John First order phase transitions and the thermodynamic limit 534 7
P7.4 Baran Lukasz Hierarchical self-assembly of tetratopic building blocks 887 7
P7.6 Benedetti Florian Coarse-Grain simulations of Solid Supported Lipid Bilayers with varying hydration level : confrontation with neutron reflectivity measurements 371 7
P7.8 Datta Alokmay Silica and Titania in Ultrathin Films - Metastable Phases Under Confinement 743 7
P7.9 de las Heras Daniel Better than counting: Density profiles from force sampling 397 7
P7.10 Ebrahimi Viand Roya Heat and mass flows induced by reservoirs out of equilibrium 885 7
P7.11 Evans Robert Unifying the description of hydrophilic and superhydrophobic surfaces: importance of wetting & drying transitions and accompanying fluctuations. 864 7
P7.13 Fränzl Martin Gold Nanoparticle Manipulations by Thermo-Osmotic Flows in Electrolyte Solutions 416 7
P7.14 Grzelka Marion Viscoelasticity induced onset of slip at the wall for polymer fluids 110 7
P7.15 Holderer Olaf Membrane dynamics at the solid liquid interface 165 7
P7.16 Holovko Myroslav Diffusion of a hard sphere fluid in disordered porous media: a modified Enskog theory treatment 307 7
P7.17 Jin Dongliang Phase stability of a hybrid crystal-liquid solid in charged patchy colloid systems 726 7
P7.19 Kumar Saravana Measuring the interaction forces at calcite-electrolyte interface using dynamic AFM 268 7
P7.20 Kume Eni Thermo-mechanical coupling in mesoscopic liquids 915 7
P7.21 Kyakuno Haruka Proton transport through ice nanoribbons 622 7
P7.22 Laird Brian Curvature dependence of solid-liquid interfacial free energy: comparisons with morphometric thermodynamics 328 7
P7.23 Lesnicki Dominika Field-dependent ionic conductivities from generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations 256 7
P7.24 Loche Philip Universal and non-universal aspects of electrostatics in aqueous nano-confinement 138 7
P7.25 MacDowell Luis Surface phase transitions, anomalous step free energies and crystal growth rates of ice in the atmosphere 388 7
P7.26 MacDowell Luis The coupled dynamics of premelting films and water droplets on ice 389 7
P7.28 Moron Mike Solid-fluid interfaces at high pressures 474 7
P7.29 Předota Milan Simulation predictions of non-linear optics at solid-liquid interfaces 973 7
P7.30 Reischl Bernhard Towards understanding heterogeneous ice nucleation on realistic silver iodide surfaces from atomistic simulation 710 7
P7.31 Romero-Enrique Jose Manuel Curvature corrections to the nonlocal interfacial model for short-ranged forces 405 7
P7.32 Rotenberg Benjamin Blue energy and desalination with nanoporous carbon electrodes: capacitance from molecular simulations to continuous models 85 7
P7.34 Sato Takumi self-assembly of polymer-tethered nanoparticles in nanotubes 839 7
P7.35 Schlaich Alexander Coupling of Adsorption and Transport in Hierarchical Porous Materials 213 7
P7.36 Schlaich Alexander Effective Thomas-Fermi screening approach and wetting transition at charge/metal interfaces 217 7
P7.37 Truzzolillo Domenico Effective interfacial tension in miscible molecular fluids 159 7
P7.38 v. Klitzing Regine Squeezing colloidal dispersions from 3D to 2D: Simple or complex scaling laws? 984 7
P7.40 Vereecke Guy Characterization of water structuring in silica nanowells by ATR-FTIR 771 7
P7.41 Nicollier Philippe The rising ratchet: precise particle sorting using nanofluidic rocking Brownian motors 1013 7
P8.2 Amokrane Said A simple means of improving the quantitative predictions of the mode coupling theory near the glass transition 347 8
P8.3 Andraca Gomez Adriana Comparison between supercooled fragile liquids and supersaturated binary solutions 552 8
P8.4 Ayotte Patrick Modeling Elementary Heterogeneous Atmospheric (Photo)chemical Processes on Ice and their Dynamics using Amorphous Solid Water 535 8
P8.5 Baggioli Matteo Liquids are not held together by springs 801 8
P8.6 Baldi Giacomo Probing the wave-vector dependence of the dynamics of supercooled liquids close to the glass transition 442 8
P8.7 Banerjee Atreyee Finite-size analysis and thermodynamic properties of model supercooled liquids 949 8
P8.8 Bowles Richard A growing structural length scale in supercooled nanoparticles 114 8
P8.9 Caporaletti Federico Experimental evidence of mosaic structure in strongly supercooled molecular liquids 937 8
P8.10 Dallari Francesco Effects of residual stresses on the aging of oxide glass formers 556 8
P8.11 Girelli Anita Microscopic dynamics of liquid-liquid phase separation and domain coarsening in a protein solution revealed by XPCS 809 8
P8.12 Goldstein Patricia Transport properties of supersaturated aqueous sugar solutions 543 8
P8.13 Heyes David Michael single trajectory viscosities of liquids 169 8
P8.14 Höfling Felix Emergence of molecular friction in liquids: bridging between the atomistic and hydrodynamic pictures 533 8
P8.16 Kaplan Nadir Non-equilibrium signal integration in hydrogels 628 8
P8.17 Kapteijns Geert Does mesoscopic elasticity control viscous slowing down in glassforming liquids? 927 8
P8.18 Klíma Martin Development of integration methods for MD simulations with variable box size 214 8
P8.19 Lavergne François, Alexandre Impact of delayed elastic storage on the slow viscoelastic response of foams 243 8
P8.20 Lehmkühler Felix Phase behaviour of silica-PNIPAm nanogels 166 8
P8.21 Lehmkühler Felix Correlation of dynamics and orientational order in liquid and dense colloidal systems probed with coherent X-rays 730 8
P8.22 Li Jingwen Measuring nucleation rate densities in confocal microscopy 566 8
P8.23 Marin Aguilar Susana Tetrahedrality dictates dynamics in hard sphere mixtures 459 8
P8.24 Martinelli Alessandro Compressed dynamics and stress relaxation in glasses: new results from X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy 483 8
P8.25 Morse Peter Structure, dynamics, and memory in hard sphere liquids 454 8
P8.26 Netz Paulo Augusto Molecular dynamics simulations of structural and dynamical aspects of DNA hydration water 37 8
P8.27 Odagaki Takashi Recent progress in the free-energy-landscape approach to super-cooled liquids and glass transition 107 8
P8.29 Ooshida Takeshi Transverse displacement correlations can be more informative than strain correlations about viscoelasticity of glassy liquids 295 8
P8.30 Ortlieb Levke Real space experiments and simulations of deeply supercooled liquids 143 8
P8.31 Patinet Sylvain Relaxations in supercooled liquids: Connection between thermal excitations and local yield stress inherent states 938 8
P8.33 Puertas Antonio M. Breaking free from a colloidal glass 305 8
P8.35 Roldan-Vargas Sandalo length scales in brownian yet non-gaussian dynamics 61 8
P8.37 Shimada Masanari Vibrational properties of saddle points in the potential energy landscape of glasses 178 8
P8.38 Shrivastav Gaurav Prakash Yielding behavior of a defect-rich crystal 369 8
P8.39 Schmiedeberg Michael Gel networks in colloid-polymer mixtures in and out of equilibrium 262 8
P8.41 Singh Akash Direct Confocal Imaging of Fracture Precursors in Casein Gel 748 8
P8.42 Skvara Jiri Investigation of supercooled water properties using 3D TIP4P/Ice and 2D Mercedes-Benz model 983 8
P8.44 Truzzolillo Domenico Spinning elastic beads: a route for simultaneous measurements of the shear modulus and the interfacial energy of soft materials. 909 8
P9.1 Bos Meike Francisca probing glassy colloidal systems with active particles 22 9
P9.2 Calero Carles Swimming modes of self-assembled magnetic micropropeller 456 9
P9.3 Das Sayan Coexisting sliding states for chemically active, bottom-heavy Janus particles near the floor and ceiling 55 9
P9.4 Das Debankur Long-range correlations in actively pinned athermal networks 802 9
P9.5 Domínguez Alvaro Active particles: beyond self-propulsion 206 9
P9.6 Fadda Federico Dynamics of a chiral swimmer sedimenting on a flat plate 99 9
P9.7 Fernandez-Rodriguez Miguel Angel active colloids with position-dependent rotational diffusivity 528 9
P9.8 Fins Carreira Adérito Wetting properties of colloidal active matter 869 9
P9.9 Fischer Alexander Artifical Sensorial Interactions for Microswimmers 396 9
P9.10 von Rüling Florian Interactions of motile microalgae with shape-anisotropic passive objects 191 9
P9.11 Huang Tao Anisotropic exclusion effect between photocatalytic Ag/AgCl Janus particles and passive beads in a dense colloidal matrix 529 9
P9.12 Huebl Maximilian Reinforcement Learning of Microswimmer Chemotaxis with Genetic Algorithms 831 9
P9.13 Kierfeld Jan Surfactant-loaded capsules as efficient microswimmers at the air-water interface: symmetry breaking and spontaneous motion by surfactant diffusion and advection 455 9
P9.14 Kos Ziga Topological dynamics of confined 3D active nematic turbulence 614 9
P9.15 Langins Aigars Starfish instability evolution of magnetic fluid droplets in rotating magnetic field 911 9
P9.16 Liu Chun-Yu Multi-scale fluctuations of cancer clusters in cancer-endothelial cell mixtures 814 9
P9.17 Lohrmann Christoph The influence of motility on bacterial accumulation in a microporous channel 851 9
P9.18 Maciolek Anna Transient dynamics and motility of optically heated Janus colloid in a binary liquid 542 9
P9.19 Martin David Topological vs metric interactions : density fluctuations generically make the transition to collective motion first order 715 9
P9.20 Martínez-Prat Berta Kinetic energy spectra of active nematic turbulence 267 9
P9.21 Menzel Andreas Collective behaviour in active microswimmer suspensions ¦ a particle-scale statistical description 5 9
P9.22 Mokhtari Zahra Spontaneous trail formation in populations of chemotactic agents 910 9
P9.23 Moore Fergus Anomalous dynamics of active matter in porous media 711 9
P9.24 Moore Fergus Crystallisation and Polymorph Selection in Active Brownian Particles 994 9
P9.25 Nordanger Henrik Anisotropic diffusion of ellipsoidal tracers in microswimmer suspensions 761 9
P9.26 Okuzono Tohru Phoretic motion of a weakly charged colloidal particle with a surface chemical reaction 224 9
P9.27 Philipps Christian Anton Analytical description of self-propelled polar flexible filaments 322 9
P9.29 Pukina-Slava Lasma Mixing two fluids with a smeared interface with the magnetic micro-convection is limited by gravity 810 9
P9.30 Putzke Mischa Johannes Optimal steering of a smart active particle 195 9
P9.31 Ramamonjy Aina Pattern formation in photo-controlled bioconvection 702 9
P9.32 Reinken Henning Topologically selecting bacterial vortex lattices by weak geometrical constraints 469 9
P9.33 Rohwer Christian Matthias Activated diffusiophoresis 181 9
P9.34 Rohwer Christian Matthias Non-equilibrium correlations and forces in sheared fluids 271 9
P9.35 Savorana Giovanni A microfluidic platform for characterizing the structure and rheology of biofilm streamers 370 9
P9.36 Sciortino Alfredo Pattern formation and polarity sorting of driven actin filaments on lipid membranes 899 9
P9.37 Shendruk Tyler Active nematic flow-states in simulated topological microfluidics 695 9
P9.38 Schmidt Falko Dynamics of an active nanoparticle in a harmonic trap 251 9
P9.39 Skipper Katherine Active colloidal gels 235 9
P9.40 Söker Nicola experimental study of an active brownian particle exploring regions of different activity 618 9
P9.42 Straube Arthur Electrophoretically driven nematic colloids: from individual propulsion to collective effects 604 9
P9.43 te Vrugt Michael Jerky active matter: a phase field crystal model with translational and orientational memory 797 9
P9.44 Thijssen Kristian Control of Active Nematics through Friction 688 9
P9.45 Vélez Cerón Ignasi Photoactive active nematic 280 9
P9.46 Weeber Rudolf Simulation of viscoelastic fluids: Combining Lattice-Boltzmann hydrodynamics and particulate elastic dumbbells 538 9
P9.47 Wittkowski Raphael Nano- and microparticles propelled by traveling ultrasound waves: shape-dependence of the propulsion and collective dynamics 509 9
P9.48 Wittkowski Raphael Pair-distribution function of active Brownian spheres: simulation results and analytic representation 537 9
P9.49 Wittmann René Statistical mechanical sum rules for active colloids at surfaces - a touch of equilibrium 171 9
P9.50 Yamamoto Ryoichi Direct numerical simulation of Quincke rollers with fully resolved hydrodynamics 773 9
P9.51 Zantop Arne Shape-anisotropic microswimmers: Influence of hydrodynamics 495 9
P9.52 Zhang Yun Xuan Void closure dynamics in densification of spindle-shaped fibroblast monolayer 867 9
P9.53 Zoettl Andreas A comprehensive understanding of surface and bulk rheotaxis of swimming E. coli bacteria 393 9
P10.1 Abdulkadieva Mariam Pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains of E.coli have different motility patterns 825 10
P10.2 Boggon Cameron Capillary-Assisted Deposition of Bacteria as a Tool for Studying Population Heterogeneity 299 10
P10.4 Datta Alokmay Initial Stages in Biofilm Growth 741 10
P10.5 Dobnikar Jure Multivalent binding in cell targeting and genome recognition 302 10
P10.6 Geisel Steffen Mechanical and Structural Analysis of Channel Networks in Bacterial Biofilms 431 10
P10.7 Gekle Stephan Flow-accelerated platelet biogenesis is due to an elasto-hydrodynamic instability 930 10
P10.8 Gholivand Amirreza Physiologic inspired channel design to study flow behavior of red blood cells 441 10
P10.9 Hiraiwa Tetsuya dynamical ordering of migrating cells 667 10
P10.11 Ingram Stephen On the stabilisation of nanobubbles under tension in Xylem sap 671 10
P10.12 Jeanneret Raphaël Confinement enhances the diversity of microbial flow fields 154 10
P10.13 Kamal Mohammad Arif Targeting the cell pole: Membrane composition or curvature? 586 10
P10.14 Karpińska Aneta Nanoviscosity of cyto/nucleoplasm as a tool for quantitative analysis of cellular uptake and PARP1 binding of olaparib analog drug 872 10
P10.17 Kondrat Svyatoslav How the shape of macromolecules and interactions affect diffusion in crowded environments? 733 10
P10.19 Nowakowski Piotr Protein triggered condensation of lipid domains in model cell membrane 187 10
P10.21 Pinto Diogo The role of cell response time on the dynamics of confluent tissues on patterned substrates 80 10
P10.22 Pinto Diogo The cell adaptation time sets a minimum length scale for patterned substrates 722 10
P10.23 Rozman Jan Collective cell mechanics of epithelial shells with organoid-like morphologies 732 10
P10.25 Suda Keiju Depletion effect arising from lateral translational motion of lipid molecules on crystallization of bacteriorhodopsin 713 10
P10.26 Tan Zihan quasi-two-dimensional diffusion of interacting protein monomers and dimers: a mpc simulation study 52 10
P10.27 te Vrugt Michael Effects of social distancing and isolation modeled via dynamical density functional theory 776 10
P10.28 Tejedor Andrés R. Re-entrant behaviour in stability and viscosity of protein condensates induced by RNA strands 929 10
P10.29 Yang Yushi Understanding and Controlling the Collective Behaviour of Zebrafish 152 10
P10.30 Zoettl Andreas Large speed enhancement of a model bacterium swimming in polymeric fluids 661 10